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Accidentally started doing Camp NaNoWriMo (yes, that can happen by accident).

It feels like I should be worried that I’ve written over 18,000 words that are pretty much all porn, torture, guitars and/or snark (this is not what I usually write, FYI. Well, except for the snark. I am all-snark-all-the-time. My writing is a snark machine.)

Going to blame my pain meds and just go with it, because I’m having too much fun to try and make this story into anything even remotely sane.

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NaNoWriMo Newlyweds

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Sometimes we get emails that are so good we just can’t keep them to ourselves. This email from Jonny in Leeds is one of those. We post it here with his kind permission.

Dear all at the Office of Letters and Light,

In 2009, prompted by a customer at Borders in Leeds, UK, where I worked at the time, I signed up to for the first time. Not four days into my time looking around the forums, gathering ideas for my first novel and checking out other people’s synopses, I received some NaNoMail from a Bay Area, CA resident named Kristina Casto who was looking for overseas writing buddies and a chance to share her previous three years’ NaNo experience. We got talking on MSN messenger and shortly after on Skype, and soon realised we had much more in common than we thought. By the time NaNoWriMo 2009 was over, Kristina already had plans to visit me in the UK, and we knew we were looking at something special. (Incidentally, I still want to finish my novel from that year, which involved a religion based around the music of David Bowie. It’ll happen one of these days.)

Read More

These are two of my Brighton Wrimos! I met them for the first time last Wednesday, and they are truly fantastic, interesting people. Kristina is also joining the Brighton Rockers next lot of fresh meat, so I look forward to hitting her lots. Y’know, with derby love. 

Next November there will potentially be FIVE Rockers doing the NaNo crazy dance with me! (Three are joining fresh meat, and I think I’ve converted one of the Bruisers. SCORE!)

This ramble has been bought to you by: too much pizza, not enough sleep, very few words written, and two hours of roller derby. AKA, my life. Sorry.

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Things I can say thanks to NaNoWriMo:

There is a definite possibility that someone in my novel will be killed by a demonic honey badger tonight.

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Derby rite of passage: the first time you get your number written on for a scrimmage or bout. There’s something in that sharpie that gives you more than a number, it gives you an identity- it says, “you are one of us, derby girl. Kick some ass.”

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Convesations with Terry

Wednesday 11th July 2007 @ 5:28 pm : Livejournal : 2 Comments :

“Shouldn’t you be, I don’t know, writing?”
“I am . I am writing.”
“You’re playing Neverwinter Nights.”
“… Would you believe me if I said that this was critical research?”
“Since that’s what you said about taking the photos of the pretty boats? And about watching Veronica Mars? And about making chocolate chip cookies? And about playing Killzone?”
“I’m going to go with ‘no’.”

22:25pm: I have written exactly 68 words since that conversation. In order to fulfill my quota for today (which I really, really need to because of the whole scrapping 8,346 words of work, aka All Of It), I find myself in need of home-made chocolate chip cookies. Great. Fantastic. Only, I have no chocolate chips. The eternal question: Do I drive to the 24-hour TESCO in Hove (like, 8 miles away) to get some sugery, sugary goodness? Or do I just eat sugar straight out of the bag instead? (Hey, it saves baking time…)

00:14am: Did not go to tesco. Drank three bowls of tea with four sugars each instead. Wrote another 197 words. Was glorious. My new main character has a cat now. It’s gray and its name is Tabby. I don’t know why.

Now, to business.

I need one of those survey/quiz things everyone fills out on their LJs/blogs/bebos/myspaces/etc etc.

I need the biggest, baddest, meanest, all-encompassing motherfucker of a quiz you can find.

I will Do Something for the person who gives me the best one. You are free to pick the ‘Something’ because I have no idea.

Go forth and plunder!

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Why Can’t This Book be Dialogue-Only?

Saturday 23rd June 2007 @ 9:44 pm : Livejournal : 2 Comments :

Oh, right. Because that is Hard, and I Suck.
Oh, oh, but writing the prose for that bit of dialogue between Liss and Arrath is hard, it is physically hurting me to write, and I wonder whether that means I should just scrap the whole thing? The dialogue is a little odd, it doesn’t flow properly and I would quite like some people to read it out loud for me so that I could see where it’s wrong because when I read it I know that the pacing is wrong and fairly stilted, but I cannot figure out how to change it.
Adding the prose is making it less jolting. But, like I said, painful.

It’s also destroying my brain, I think. Because while recommending The Lies of Locke Lamora to someone I said this:

“I love the lies of Locke Lamora. i would have children by it if that was possible (I think they would be slightly inky. Maybe part squid? Davey Jones!)”

So yes. When the men in white coats come for me, just show them that so they know that they’ve got the right girl.

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