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GUESS WHO SAT ON A WHEEL. Oh Roller derby. You’re so bad for me. Why can’t I quit you?
(thats days 1 & 2)

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“I could see somebody coming and playing [briefly],” Nill said. “But to do it over a career, it would be awful hard. Just I guess because of size. I think skill-wise, they’re getting up there. Speed, they’re getting up there. But you’re talking men that are 220 pounds, that’s all I worry about.”

People who think like this need to watch co-ed roller derby. Like, Gotham Girls vs New York Shock Exchange, or London Rockin’ Rollers vs Southern Discomfort.

(Fun fact: the ladies won both of those bouts. By a lot.)

Women’s roller derby is different to men’s roller derby. It’s hard to describe, but if you watch a men’s bout and then straight away watch a women’s bout, you’ll see what I mean. 

There’s a photo somewhere of Lady Lazarus taking on (I think) Noise Tank. Lady is, what, 5’2" and looks like a (wonderfully terrifying) stick insect. Noise is about 5’11" and is built like, you guessed it, a very compact tank. I mean, I’ve played him. Boy can hit. And yet he’s the one who ate track. 

NHL is brutal in ways that roller derby isn’t, but I think that a man and a woman trained to the same standard can absolutely play hockey together. But that’s often the problem, isn’t it? Men receive so much more incentive, encouragement and support for sports than women do – it’s incredibly difficult for a lot of female athletes to get trained to the same level as there male counterparts.

Yet again another reason why I love roller derby. 

(But hockey’s fun too)

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Dean Bradshaw photography for Star Trac Equipment 2012 campaign

Sooooo good!

Fuck. Yes.

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Bash: “Target acquired. Impact in 3.. 2.. 1..”

Brighton Rockers vs London Rollergirls Batter-C-Power

Photo by Richard Hanson

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Can we have this painted on the floor/walls of the warehouse please? 

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What an ass!!

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Okay Roller Derby Girls. I have a question.

Has anyone found through the rigours of training that their ass is actually getting bigger?

I mean, my butt has always been quite big in comparison to the rest of me, but I have always fit comfortably into size 8 or 10 undies. Just recently though, now that I’ve amped up my training and exercise I’m finding my size 10’s are riding half way up my cheeks! Shouldn’t all this exercise be making my butt smaller?? :/

Mine is certainly getting bigger, and higher. Higher could also be part of the culprit. Likely though, you are gaining muscle mass. Walk proudly!! 😀 lol.

Ahh, the Derby Ass. Look at Joy Collision. Jack Attack. Psychobabble. Hell, anyone committed to derby. You will see Dat Ass. Don’t be surprised if you start having trouble getting trousers on over your thighs at some point. It’s all the muscle you’re gaining from being in DERBY STANCE for so many hours a week. 

You worked hard for it. Embrace it. And maybe buy some lift and separate shorts to show it off, because Derby Ass is awesome. 

If anyone doesn’t agree, hipcheck them. 

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team england’s logo

I have to say, this is probably the worst logo I have ever seen for a sports team (and probably worse than a lot of logos for other things too)

I have to say I agree. This is… not good. I’m pretty sure I could come up with something better, even just using this colour pallette. 

Edit: to prove the point, I did. Total time: 17 minutes. And I’m not a graphic designer by any stretch of the imagination. Obviously all things artistic are subjective, but still. 

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Amazing skater! I was blown away.

She was incredible at this bout!

Kami is incredible all the time! I love her skating style, her attitude – everything, basically = <3 🙂


I know! It’s like, I’m sorry, how do you have time to basically be the coolest person in the world AND an amazing roller derby player? Because I can’t even do one of those things :p Also, she’s one of the only other derby girls I know of (I’m sure more of us exist) who DOESN’T DRINK! There are not enough <3s in the world for Kamikaze Kitten…

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Amazing skater! I was blown away.

She was incredible at this bout!

Kami is incredible all the time! I love her skating style, her attitude – everything, basically = <3 🙂

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