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Nobody critiques popular culture like Gaston!


[image: Gaston staring at Belle’s book. Caption: THIS HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH THE COLOR GREY. THIS IS PORN.]

No one tanks like Gaston. No one wanks like Gaston. No one critiques the popular skanks like Gaston! 

(The phrasing there is problematic, but it rhymes.) 

Not super concerned about the word “skank” but y’all missed a golden opportunity to use the word “spank” there, just saying. 

We could also go with “no-one planks like Gaston”, that doesn’t make any sense but it’s a hilarious mental image 😛

I like that much better. 

No one wanks like Gaston

No one planks like Gaston

No one side-eyes bad doms giving spanks like Gaston! (He’s a critic all over the blogosphere!) 

Azz wins the internet.

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So my brother is famous.

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I haven’t mentioned it on here for a while, but his band are getting really big. They’re number 10 on the UK charts which is a big deal.

But here’s the thing – number 1 would make people sit up and listen.

It’s 99p to buy their current single ‘Down With The Trumpets’ and every purchase counts – would really appreciate it. Come on Tumblr, we can do this!

Here’s the link to open in iTunes: BUY TRUMPETS 🙂


You should buy this. It’s all kind of awesome, and I say that even though it’s totally not my usual musical taste. It’s a really fun song.

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POTTERHEADS, stop what you are doing and watch this magnificent video.
Harry Potter in 99 seconds. 


Holy mother of fuck.

Holy Potter this is amazing. Watch it now.

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Glee Meme Day 16 → A song that makes you cry (or nearly)

Okay, since this meme is about GLEE, as in HAPPINESS, I choose a piece of music that always, without fail, makes me well up. Actually, I choose two. Both are horrendously uncool, but I was uncool before it was cool to be uncool, so here goes.

I choose To Build Jerusalem in secondplace, which is double uncool since I am somewhat of a complete athiest, and am pretty much anti-all-organised-religion, but it would appear that all those years of church schools, and the years of going to church in order to GET IN TO the church schools, have taken their toll.

The winner, I have to say, I am not ashamed of in the slightest, because is is be-fucking-autiful, and it is the song I’ve added here, and it’s the Cantique de Jean Racine composed by Gabriele Fauré.

I have a tendency to play it while I’m driving in much the same manner that certain groups of people my age will play rap, R’n’B, or bad rap-metal, that is to say, so loud that I occasionally fear it will shake the car apart.

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Glee Meme Day 01 → Your favorite song

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My favourite song is “Piazza, New York Catcher” by Belle & Sebastian, because many years ago a friend of mine who now lives in Egypt listened to it, and it reminded him of me, and he wrote me a beautiful letter with a story and a poem and lots of random musings about philosopy and love and then filled it with confetti and sent it to me on my 16th birthday.


I still have the letter and some of the confetti in its envelope, I never take it out, but just knowing where it is makes me smile.

Apparently it was on the Juno soundtrack and now everyone on youtube seems to have done a cover of it, but I turned 16 in 2004 so it’s my song 🙂

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