I Have Feelings

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Surprise! After nine years of being a depressed robot, I finally am having something close to normal human feelings again!

I do not like it. Make them go away.

Because I have a crush on someone! One of the really, really bad ones where it hurts in my chest all the time. And we’re both autistic! If she was alistic I would be pretty sure that she likes me, too, but I can’t be sure, because we don’t follow alistic patterns of behaviour!

Plus, y’know, I really really like her, and I’m so afraid that if I ask her out and she says no that it will screw that up, even though a great deal of my angst is over the actual NOT KNOWING, and if I got turned down and we could both continue as if nothing happened then I would be FINE. VERY QUICKLY. But people get weird about you having unreciprocated feelings for them, so ARGH. If I could NOT HAVE FEELINGS ANY MORE THAT WOULD BE GREAT. (Except there’s that part of my brain pointing out that I’m focusing on all the bad things and if everything went right just this once we could both be really happy! I DON’T THINK I WANT TO BE HAPPY IF BEING HAPPY HURTS THIS MUCH!!)

It’s cool. It’s cool. I’m just gonna go have a panic attack. Everything’s fine. I’m fine. Gah.


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The most insightful response you will ever witness!

Jordan Gavaris who plays Felix, a gay character in the show Orphan Black is asked about the feedback he receives from the LGBT community.

i’ve only seen the first couple of eps of Orphan Black but i LOVED felix and i’m so glad the actor is so thoughtful about his character.

Brilliant brilliant brilliant:

“There’s so many more interesting things to Felix than who he’s sleeping with.”

I really don’t understand why this is such a difficult concept for people (and by ‘people’ I mostly mean straight people, but also a large number of bi/pan-phobic people too) to understand? I mean, I know that we, as a society, are obsessed with who’s sleeping with who even when they’re straight but – Oh, wait. I think I’m getting it.

Gay, straight, bisexual, pansexual, asexual, cisgendered, transgendered, genderqueer: There are so many more interesting things to you than who you’re sleeping with.

When my friends have kids to whom I am Crazy Aunt Van, this is what I want them to know.

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Welcome to “scenes from Disney films that made Cerys aware at a very young age that she was attracted to women*”

Next: the centaurs from Fantasia.

* And mermaids and centaurs, apparently.

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I hate how a majority believe that when a girl’s silent she’s

falling apart

crying inside

over thinking




she’s just picturing porn in her head

^ this

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Roller derby enthusiastically celebrates a very healthy idea of sexuality. You’re sexy because you’re strong and athletic, not because you’re underfed and falling all over yourself to please some boy who totally doesn’t even deserve it.

Shauna Cross, author of “Whip It”, the novel. (via ukulelly)
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