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Anyone want to make an all-trans/non-binary derby team? I am officially fed up.

Which rule set would you use?

Given WFTDA’s shitty gender policy, I don’t think using their structure would make sense. I know you could use their rules while ignoring it, but doing so does, on a certain level, validate their ideology.

USARS is less shitty, but still requires binary genders to be defined.  

MADE is the only set of derby rules I know of that explicitly allows gender to be completely ignored if teams so choose.

There could be others, but I’m only familiar with those three.

MRDA is a gender neutral ruleset.

MRDA has an excellent non-discrimination policy, but they do not have their own rule set.

They use WFTDA’s rules. It literally says so on the bottom of every page of their rule book.

My team (B-Town Brawlers in Brighton, UK) are gender inclusive (aka we don’t discriminate based on gender or lack thereof). We currently are training to MRDA /WFTDA rules simply because otherwise we would never be able to play anyone, and our skaters who are comfortable with playing in gender segregated scrims wouldn’t be able to do so. Technically the rules ARE gender neutral, it’s just a shame that the governing body is shit when it comes to gender discrimination (Er, among other things).

Personally I love MADE rules and would like us to play by them once we have enough people for interleague teams.

I have this beautiful dream where one day soon we have enough trans & gender inclusive roller derby leagues for us to have our own governin body & ruleset…

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… seriously, people, read the rules.

zebra suggestion via ‘dolemout’
caption via FYRDZ 

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Did you guys now about fuckyeahrollerderbyzebra ?

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