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Can someone please explain to me why the manufacturer of this sex toy thinks that women’s sexy parts are… Not in the same place as mens?

(Not to give TMI, but this is not an especially area-ambiguous sexy-fun-times toy. Like, at all.)


It’s saying that women are ruled by their hearts and men are ruled by their penises. 

If anything, I’d say it offends men more than women. 

I agree, in principal (although both genders should be a at least a bit annoyed by the ‘ruled by heart/penis’ stereotype because a) it’s a stereotype and therefore unlikely to be true in a lot of cases and b) sexual arousal comes mostly from our brains. If it was being accurate that’s where the hearts should be! Biology!) that’s exactly what it’s saying. And if this had more of a link to relationships rather than literally being on the packaging of a sex toy I would agree specifically because not everyone in the world has my take on relationships and sex. That’s cool. But in this case, it’s supposed to be showing that it’s a UNISEX toy. Like, the heart on the dude figure? That’s is where you want to be putting this.

I don’t know about you, but I’m not about to ram anal beads into my chest… Anyone who would use them like that, please send me an ask because I am hello curious 😉

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Genderfuck by Toyota, starring Stav Strashko 😉

Watch the commercial here

Finally androgyns are taken seriously.

I also like the look the model gives the camera like ‘and you were expecting another over-sexualised commercial with a half naked woman for your male viewing pleasure. Mind fuck bitches.’

Stav Strashko: Always winning the award for “person who looks least like their name". I mean, “Stav Strashko" sounds like a Bond villain.

Actually. Can Stav Strashko can be the next Bond villain for realsies, please?

Can we also just take a moment to think about what we (both men and women) haven been trained to think of as “sexy” if it can be so easily confused by a skinny male person in a bikini? And how screwed up that is?

So few women are ever going to look like that past the age of about twelve. Which means, guys, the “beauty” industry is training you to be attracted to either a) pre-teen girls (see also: porn and the rise of the brazilian bikini wax. Also also: statutory rape laws); or b) other men.

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“I could see somebody coming and playing [briefly],” Nill said. “But to do it over a career, it would be awful hard. Just I guess because of size. I think skill-wise, they’re getting up there. Speed, they’re getting up there. But you’re talking men that are 220 pounds, that’s all I worry about.”

People who think like this need to watch co-ed roller derby. Like, Gotham Girls vs New York Shock Exchange, or London Rockin’ Rollers vs Southern Discomfort.

(Fun fact: the ladies won both of those bouts. By a lot.)

Women’s roller derby is different to men’s roller derby. It’s hard to describe, but if you watch a men’s bout and then straight away watch a women’s bout, you’ll see what I mean. 

There’s a photo somewhere of Lady Lazarus taking on (I think) Noise Tank. Lady is, what, 5’2" and looks like a (wonderfully terrifying) stick insect. Noise is about 5’11" and is built like, you guessed it, a very compact tank. I mean, I’ve played him. Boy can hit. And yet he’s the one who ate track. 

NHL is brutal in ways that roller derby isn’t, but I think that a man and a woman trained to the same standard can absolutely play hockey together. But that’s often the problem, isn’t it? Men receive so much more incentive, encouragement and support for sports than women do – it’s incredibly difficult for a lot of female athletes to get trained to the same level as there male counterparts.

Yet again another reason why I love roller derby. 

(But hockey’s fun too)

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Lipstick Feminists: How I Became An Unintentional (Male) Feminist by Morgan Evans

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Lipstick Feminists: How I Became An Unintentional (Male) Feminist by Morgan Evans

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