The Lingo of Roller Derby

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The Lingo of Roller Derby

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Second scrimmage: Another ramble, and a Question

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Some recent practices I’ve come away feeling like I haven’t worked hard enough – by the time an hour’s passed from the end of the session I don’t hurt anymore. I don’t feel like that today, and that pleases me greatly.

During this evenings practice I only did maybe 90% of the stuff, and particularly in the beginner session I took it very, very easy, thanks to the fact that some of my brain pills are kicking my ass right now. I had to focus really, really hard just to do the smallest tasks. Anything that required thinking of more than one thing just made my brain switch off. I this made me work harder. I told my pivot to just give me one job, or one player to focus on. So I took the inside line a lot, and made sure I stuck to that fucking line like glue no matter how much I got hit. Or I stuck to one player on the other team and just hit her over and over again to make sure she was focused on me and not our jammer. Considering tonight was the second night I’ve ever scrimmaged I think I could’ve done a whole lot worse. 

Once my head is back to normal, I think I’m going to try and stick with my “one jam, one focus” strategy for a while. Starting out scrimmaging is something of a crazy experience, and narrowing your options helps a LOT. It stops you from having guilt over things that went wrong when they weren’t your fault and helps you to focus on what went wrong for your own position. Once you’ve got more experience you can start to expand your awareness of who’s where and doing what and get moving a bit more. 

That’s what I think, anyway.

I’m curious to hear from other, more established players than me: how do your leagues/teams start teaching people to scrimmage?

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Wheel question!

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If I pass my minimum skills (or at least pass a decent amount of it) I’ll be rewarding myself with some new wheels, but there are so many options! I thought I’d throw it out to the all-knowing derby girls of the internet…

My current wheels are 94a. I’ve played around with pairing 4 of them with 4 wheels at 96a, and it worked quite well (I weigh 16 stone, and I’ll probably end up as a power blocker, so even my pushers need to be fairly slick but I also don’t need to have jammer-level speed).

Should I go down, and get some pushers that are under 94a, or should I keep my 94a’s as my pushers and get something slicker? 

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Lori’s Story- Increasing Awareness of Domestic Violence

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Lori’s Story- Increasing Awareness of Domestic Violence

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Saturday 30th April 2011 @ 4:42 pm : Tumblr : 0 Comments :


Lori, aka Lmbr Timber Onu of Emerald Coast Roller Derby, was victim of a severe domestic violence attack on April 23, 2011. Lori is having surgery to repair broken eye sockets, nose and cheek bones. She faces a long recovery and mounting medical bills with no medical insurance. ECRD and many other people who love Lori are planning events and fundraisers to help.

If you would like to make a donation, you can send it to :

First Citizens National Bank Attn: Scott Luce
391 Main Street, Genesee PA 16923

Checks need to be made payable to : Kristine Milkeris-Smith

Please write : “Lori Milkeris medical” in the memo line

You can also check out Lori Aid 2011 on Facebook:

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