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#ugh fuck #fuck fuck fuck #steve didnt even fucking use the shield he had in his hand #he just puched zola in the face #and it’s not a face #it’s a fucking screen #and it just keeps turning on#mocking him #natasha calls him ‘chipper’ later #for a guy who found out he died for nothing#dont be fooled #steve is anything but chipper #steve is angry and in pain and distraught #but this is steve rogers #and he’s been a variation of the three of them for years #and he knows by know he’s got to fight #he’s used to it #resigned to it #and he’ll do it with a smile #until bucky#that’s what breaks him #that’s the one thing that can completely undo him #and he doesn’t know yet #oh god he doesn’t know #steve rogers #walking wounded steve rogers #this movie fucked me up #tws  (X)

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Eliot: Listen, I take thinly sliced turkey, all right? I pan-sear it with some Sweet Maui onions, all right? Then I put a slice of Dill Havarti cheese and another slice of an heirloom tomato. All that goes on an everything bagel, and I make my own garlic-and-green-onion cream-cheese spread. That’s forgettable? I don’t think so.

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NGL, best thing about New Trek is definitely the cast interviews.

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When I’m Penalty Box Timing and a skater tries to tell me how it really happened.

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Reader Submitted

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Thoughts this inspires:

“Hmm, maybe I need a demonic platypus…”

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That awkward moment when you walk into your normal Muggle school after an intense summer of obsessing over Harry Potter.

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GPO my life.

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I would go to that party. Nnngh.

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