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They said you might come.

#This scene makes me so sad#because above all else#above UNIT and Torchwood#and even the Doctor#SHE was a doctor#Martha Jones helped people – her passion was to heal#and save lives#and now she might be the only one who can save the universe#but at the cost of the entire planet#she’ll kill them all#and it’s the last thing that she wants to do#but it’s the only option now#so when this woman pulls the gun on her and threatens to kill her#Martha sadly nods her head and tells her to do it#because then she wouldn’t have to make this choice#and it kills me

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oh my god martha nearly did to the earth what the doctor did to gallifrey

oh my god

This is the exact reason why I maintain my position that Martha was not, under any circumstances, the companion.

She was the doctor.

Now I know that he’s always the same man at the core after regenerations  so on and so forth, but when it really boils down, the doctor isn’t a timelord, the doctor is an idea. At least in the RTD era, every companion at one point or another, has had to make the choice to become the doctor.

Rose Became the Doctor when she accepted her fate as the bad wolf.

Mickey became the doctor when he stayed in the parallel universe.

Donna became the doctor during the meta-crisis.

Jack became the doctor when he ‘died’  for the first time trying to save everyone before Rose destroyed the Daleks.

But Martha? Martha was different, Martha was special. Martha never chose to become the doctor, because that was who she always was in her heart; and substantially she was the only companion of the RTD era who didn’t need to be saved by either the timelord doctor or TARDIS intervention (in the case of Jack, seeing as it was the badwolf, who brought him back).

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And this is why Nine is my Doctor.

Suddenly I understand what one of my huge issues has been with the latest Doctor Who episodes

The Doctor has been reacting with horror rather than wonder, and running rather than communicating

Thanks 9 you’ve helped me come to a point of clarity

Davies – Eccleston – Baker

In that order.


Unless the next doctor is Tilda Swinton. 

Then all bets are off.

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These are the things that go on in my head.

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this is fucking glorious



Oh god oh god the faces. You’d be so dead around the angels, Bella

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