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I wonder how much of Sam being in the hospital when Steve woke up was so that the instant he opened his eyes, Steve would know time hasn’t passed; it’s okay?



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Friendly reminder that during the Commandos Era of the war, Bucky always carried a piece of Steve with him-

… on the left.

what do you mean you’re sick of life ruining parallels alreadybecause I’ve got news for you: MARVEL DOESN’T CAREI’m going to bed before I legitimately cry myself to sleep over Bucky wearing Steve’s wingdings,

Would you like me to make it hurt even more? The left arm is the one Bucky lost and had replaced with a weapon of total destruction so you’re welcome


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me before The Winter Soldier


me after The Winter Soldier


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parks and catws: codenames edition [insp.]

+ bonus:



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The other night my six year old sister and I were watching CA:tWS together. We kept having to pause the final fight sequence so that she could clarify what was happening, and that got me thinking: What if I used my editing skills, dumped the entire 30-minute sequence into Premiere, and deconstructed it to what it would have been without the intercuts?

This is what happened – the original format of Steve and Bucky’s fight.

hopefully tumblr/vimeo doesn’t send me to jail for this 

jesus christ i didnt think this sequence could fuck me up any more than it already had. i was Wrong.

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Your perfection is unfair: Anthony Mackie

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#ugh fuck #fuck fuck fuck #steve didnt even fucking use the shield he had in his hand #he just puched zola in the face #and it’s not a face #it’s a fucking screen #and it just keeps turning on#mocking him #natasha calls him ‘chipper’ later #for a guy who found out he died for nothing#dont be fooled #steve is anything but chipper #steve is angry and in pain and distraught #but this is steve rogers #and he’s been a variation of the three of them for years #and he knows by know he’s got to fight #he’s used to it #resigned to it #and he’ll do it with a smile #until bucky#that’s what breaks him #that’s the one thing that can completely undo him #and he doesn’t know yet #oh god he doesn’t know #steve rogers #walking wounded steve rogers #this movie fucked me up #tws  (X)

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samira wiley as sam wilson



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i was watching the first avenger and wondering how Bucky knew Steve was getting his ass kicked in the back of some random alley behind a movie theatre

like does he just check alleyways whenever he’s walking down a street to see if Steve’s started another fight he can’t finish

the answer is probably yes

headcanon that, even when brainwashed, Bucky still stops at alleyways and looks down them to find nothing

and he never knows what he’s looking for

Yeah, on the list of things that are OK, I’m gonna have to inform you that this post didn’t make it.

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Someone finally giffed it. But LOOK AT THIS FIGHT. Honestly the Winter Soldier was far more on his back heel fighting Natasha than he was Steve this scene. First off, if he hadn’t managed to throw his hand up quickly, she would have garrotted him. She’s literally half his size (he throws her like a rag doll when he finally is able to get a hold of her) and she has him more at a disadvantage than Steve does, who is bigger than him. Next she shorts out his cyber arm (and I assume he has to electrocute himself to pull the thing off). By that second to the last gif his facial expression isn’t even stone cold killer any more, it’s more “REALLY??? ARE YOU KIDDING ME?” It’s the most human his eyes look up until Steve starts setting off his programing.

We talk about Steve and Bucky going toe to toe, but the one who really has the Winter Soldier’s number for most of their fight is Natasha.

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what if steve has bucky’s dog tags. 

what if he and bucky traded dog tags before bucky fell.

what if bucky fell into the ice wearing steve’s name around his neck, right over his heart. what if the hydra crew that recovered him found them, cut them off his neck, not caring where the metal had frozen to his skin. what if there are still marks on bucky’s skin from the place where the tags used to lie but now they’re gone, long gone, thrown out and forgotten in some old hydra base while the people taking bucky apart knew they’d found someone important after all, someone important enough to wear steve rogers’ name around his neck.

what if when steve wakes up seventy years in the future, the only things in the world that are his are the shield and the tags with bucky’s name, only they don’t say bucky, they say james barnes and threetwofivefiveseven and the preferred relative spot is left completely blank, because they wouldn’t let bucky use steve’s name.

what if, when bucky says, later, prove it—prove you’re my friend, prove i was who you say i am, prove i’m anything but the gunmetal in my mouth and the slaughter to my name—steve just reaches up and removes the dog tags from around his neck and presses them, gently, into bucky’s open palm.

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A summary of Cap 2:

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Bucky: Who the hell is Bucky?

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less of natasha being an emotionally cold, super scary spy and more about her being a secret troll and epic dork please

that “shall we play a game?” reference, and awkwardly trying to explain her own joke

she uses emoticons to text steve about OFFICIAL SRS BUSINES ;DDD

i bet steve’s “disguise” came out of her own closet, because while natasha wears super sleek leather stuff to maintain her ””image””, left to her own devices she totally rocks the middle school emo look. complete with plastic lens-less hipster glasses because SHE LIKES THE WAY SHE LOOKS WITH GLASSES OKAY IT’S NOT A CRIME

she’s probably told the smithsonian/fossil joke so many times. every time she picks steve up. she thinks she’s hiLARIOUS, and steve’s like, omg you’re such a white suburban dad get away from me

(clint’s like, i’m hungry

hi hungry, i’m natasha, natasha says, and throws a pretzel into his mouth)

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This trapped animal look was awful. That’s not the Winter Soldier. That’s the scared little kid he turns into when he’s confused and in pain. Because the Winter Soldier is a machine. But when the scrap of Bucky that’s still in there starts banging around, the machine goes fetal and he just reverts to this child like thing.

And he knows there’s no help coming. There’s no extraction or exfil plan for the Winter Soldier. He gets himself out or he goes down with the ship. And he’s failed at his mission, so he’s probably expecting Steve to kill him here. He can’t understand why Steve saves him. He’s scared and he’s confused and he’s angry and he doesn’t like feeling any of these things because he doesn’t understand them at all and he liked it better when he didn’t have to feel them.

Oh god this hurts me on a fundamental level because I am convinced that Bucky never really stops wishing for the old days. Like, he comes back to Steve and Natasha and he is a person again, but when it gets intense and the nightmares are too much and he’s already called Sam three or four times to talk about it (because Sam doesn’t understand everything, but Sam knows how to talk to soldiers with PTSD and Bucky Barnes has got a RAGING case of it) he just wishes for Pierce to show up and put him in the chair and tell him it will be fine and just take it all away. Because being a thing is easy but being a person is too, too hard. 

Wow I am seriously breaking the fuck up with you.

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steve goes to change sam’s ringtone to ‘i believe i can fly’ by r. kelly only to find it’s already sam’s ringtone 

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mcu meme – 4/8 characters;  sam wilson.

Captain America needs my help. There’s no better reason to get back in.

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I never said pilot.

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