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I wonder how much of Sam being in the hospital when Steve woke up was so that the instant he opened his eyes, Steve would know time hasn’t passed; it’s okay?



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Do you think Steve will ever forgive himself for the fact that when he was the one falling, Bucky jumped?


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Friendly reminder that during the Commandos Era of the war, Bucky always carried a piece of Steve with him-

… on the left.

what do you mean you’re sick of life ruining parallels alreadybecause I’ve got news for you: MARVEL DOESN’T CAREI’m going to bed before I legitimately cry myself to sleep over Bucky wearing Steve’s wingdings,

Would you like me to make it hurt even more? The left arm is the one Bucky lost and had replaced with a weapon of total destruction so you’re welcome


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The thrilling saga

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fucking. squid. nazis – a headcanon

When Alexander Pierce is selected to be the Soldier’s next handler, they note that he’s far more docile and far more willing to obey than he’d been with the others. 

It’s Pierce who stops the Soldier from choking Dr. Morrow to death with a single word. 

It’s Pierce, against all protocols and other established procedures, who actually talks to the Soldier, sits him down and tells him about their dream, their vision of a new world order, though he doesn’t quite couch it in those terms.  

Pierce tells him about how this war, this particular war, will be the last one, the last thing they’ll ever need to fight.  It’s the one where peace will actually be won and kept and treasured, the one where they will finally all come home.

And the Soldier listens. 

We will shape history together, you and I, Pierce promises him, putting a gentle hand on his shoulder. 

And the Soldier understands.  

There is something in Pierce that the Soldier responds to, something familiar, something that he knows.  There’s just some differences, perhaps because there’s a look in those bright blue eyes that the Soldier is searching for and doesn’t find in Pierce, a thing that he doesn’t have a name for.

(And later, the Soldier – Bucky Barnes – will realize that the nameless thing that he wants is kindness.  Steve Rogers’ eyes were always and ever kind.)

Pierce is familiar then, his words inspire and feel almost, if not quite right.

(Steve Rogers spoke plainly and truthfully, each word filled with that simple earnestness that got right through to a person, made them see the best in themselves, try to be better than what they are.  Bucky Barnes had seen it, even when Steve had been a frail, sickly boy from Brooklyn.  He’d sworn he’d follow that punk into the jaws of death, the idiot who never knew how to back down from a fight, a fight that was worth getting into, worth winning because there was something right to defend.) 

The Soldier will feel that in all his time with Alexander Pierce.  That sense of the familiar, that sense of almost-not-quite-right.  He’ll follow, because he is a soldier and he’ll follow orders and this officer is almost the one in his half-remembered dreams, the one he’d sworn to follow, the mission, the only mission that matters….

Pierce gives the commands and the Soldier obeys. 

Until he meets the man on the bridge, the man with the bright hair and the kind blue eyes, the man who finally, after all these years of being called asset and soldier and you have no name and simply calls him,


– end –

Note:  I blame this ENTIRELY on thunderboltsortofapenny who posted THIS ABSOLUTE FUCKING HORROR OF A POST and will make me cry myself to sleep for YEARS TO COME.  AAAAAAAAAAAUUUUUUUGGGGGHHHHHHHHH.



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i was watching the first avenger and wondering how Bucky knew Steve was getting his ass kicked in the back of some random alley behind a movie theatre

like does he just check alleyways whenever he’s walking down a street to see if Steve’s started another fight he can’t finish

the answer is probably yes

headcanon that, even when brainwashed, Bucky still stops at alleyways and looks down them to find nothing

and he never knows what he’s looking for

Yeah, on the list of things that are OK, I’m gonna have to inform you that this post didn’t make it.

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