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Brighton Swimming Club, 1863 (via The Retronaut)

Check out those….stovepipes!

One of my photographer friends is currently part of the Brighton Swimming Club. They are nuts. They were in the local newspaper a few years ago for swimming in the sea in speedos(!!) while it snowed. Crazy people.

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If they took a poll about the Second Coming, Brighton would probably vote against that too – The Sun, 1988

Makes me proud to live here, really. 

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Bash: “Target acquired. Impact in 3.. 2.. 1..”

Brighton Rockers vs London Rollergirls Batter-C-Power

Photo by Richard Hanson

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Guess who Croydon Roller Derby voted their Most Feared Blocker of the Brighton Bruisers?

Oh, that’s right, ME! And I did it with the cartilage in my left knee torn! 

Gaaaah, I am both shocked and pleased! I’ve said ever since I started that I wanted to get MFB, but I never thought I actually WOULD. Just because MFB tends to go to the blockers who do the big, flashy hits and my style is more “extreme booty blocking” 😀

So, thank you Croydon. You’ve made my year so far 🙂

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How cool is this? It’s a documentary about the Brighton Rockers Roller Derby! 

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NaNoWriMo Newlyweds

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Sometimes we get emails that are so good we just can’t keep them to ourselves. This email from Jonny in Leeds is one of those. We post it here with his kind permission.

Dear all at the Office of Letters and Light,

In 2009, prompted by a customer at Borders in Leeds, UK, where I worked at the time, I signed up to for the first time. Not four days into my time looking around the forums, gathering ideas for my first novel and checking out other people’s synopses, I received some NaNoMail from a Bay Area, CA resident named Kristina Casto who was looking for overseas writing buddies and a chance to share her previous three years’ NaNo experience. We got talking on MSN messenger and shortly after on Skype, and soon realised we had much more in common than we thought. By the time NaNoWriMo 2009 was over, Kristina already had plans to visit me in the UK, and we knew we were looking at something special. (Incidentally, I still want to finish my novel from that year, which involved a religion based around the music of David Bowie. It’ll happen one of these days.)

Read More

These are two of my Brighton Wrimos! I met them for the first time last Wednesday, and they are truly fantastic, interesting people. Kristina is also joining the Brighton Rockers next lot of fresh meat, so I look forward to hitting her lots. Y’know, with derby love. 

Next November there will potentially be FIVE Rockers doing the NaNo crazy dance with me! (Three are joining fresh meat, and I think I’ve converted one of the Bruisers. SCORE!)

This ramble has been bought to you by: too much pizza, not enough sleep, very few words written, and two hours of roller derby. AKA, my life. Sorry.

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I played my first bout today!

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It was truly amazing. I love the Brighton Rockers so much – we beat the Romsey Town Rollerbillies by NINE POINTS. So the Rockers are still undefeated! And I played! And Bash kept putting me on when it got difficult, so I am so very very happy. 

At one point three of the Romsey blockers hit me at once. I was told this at the afterparty, because I didn’t even notice it had happened and hardly moved at all. I am pleased. I fell over twice – once in each half. And I didn’t get a single penalty – not even a minor!

And my mum just bought me pizza in bed. Best day ever.

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I DID THIS. With Dan and Alex, and contributions from the minds of Fensome and Oscar Wilde. We made awesome signs. The had glitter, mutilated Oscar Wilde quotes, and boobs.

I credit the posters entirely for the Brighton Rockers’ win today 😉

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Nerdfighter map!

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To add a marker you have to sign in, so do so with username “nerdfighteriaftw”, password “inyourpants”. Post the title of your marker as the number of nerdfighters represented by that marker.

Seriously, Sussex nerdfighters? NO ONE ON THE MAP YET? For shame.

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Glee Meme Day 11 → A photo of you taken recently

Flickr do the pub well. Taken at the Brighton flickr group’s xmas pub outing, complete with costumes, a mini-studio, alcohol, and a LOT of cameras. Good times.

Feather boa is mine, glasses are Jason Lupi’s. Love those glasses.

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