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Non fiction: I think you will probably be the cause of my nervous breakdown.


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These is the new UNSPOKEN and the UNTOLD cover! And they’re gorgeous! I love how this UNSPOKEN is basically a photographic version of the other (also amazing) cover <3

Also, in UNTOLD, look at the girl and her shadow. So big and looming. Yes, good. I really like the feel of both of these covers, like creepy secrets and such.

also boobs good job there person who casted kami i see she’s actually big like she should be let’s not pretend we’re not all thinking this

I hope you guys all like the covers! Here they are displayed together in all their glory.

… And now, A Note On Kami’s Boobs on Unspoken. As they were mentioned above approvingly, to my great pleasure, but also I know from other comments people notice them. 😉

The boobs are my fault.

We knew we wanted a silhouette cover, to go with the old Unspoken cover and Gothicness theeeeematically. Silhouette pictures are hard to find, and posed professional pictures of people who are not super skinny are hard to find, because Society.

This girl is thinner than Kami in my head—but she does look like she’s got some badonkadonk going on, and I liked that. It would have felt very wrong to have the silhouette of Kami slimmed down.

LOVELY EDITOR: I was thinking we might, er, bring the boobs down a notch. (Just because they are prominent!)


SARAH: *sends textual evidence of Kami being a well-fleshed young lady.*

EDITOR, PROJECT MANAGER, COVER DESIGNER: Others send us messages about the themes and colors… and Sarah has just sent us a giant email all about boobs.

I had lunch with my Random House peeps in March, and we were discussin’ the covers, and this happened… 

SARAH: I was wondering if you could change the color for the Untold font.

LOVELY PROJECT MANAGER: Let’s put that on it. *gestures to front of Sarah’s dress*

SARAH: My… boobs?

SARAH: … I mean you can if you want…

PROJECT MANAGER: Um, no. The turquoise polka dots on your dress.

SARAH: Oh that makes more sense.

PROJECT MANAGER: It’s always boobs with you, Rees Brennan.

I’ll be honest, my only problem with the new covers is that when the new cover of Unspoken is released I will have three copies of the exact same book.

And I know I have three (four?) different copies of The Lies of Locke Lamora, but surely that proves that my madness ought to be STOPPED, not encouraged?

Oh well. Time to build another bookcase. To hold all the boobs.

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John Green’s tumblr: In Defense of Symbolism

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John Green’s tumblr: In Defense of Symbolism

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It’s a shame that Bookstock is going to be in June, but I think I need to make a pair of these anyway 🙂

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Glee Meme Day 13 → A fictional book

I am going to assume that this means a “fiction” book rather than a “fictional” book, because that would just be perplexing.

Anyway, I am currently innundated with books. I’m halfway through Melissa Marr’s Ink Exchange, the second in the Tattoo Faries series BUT I also just bought Beautiful Creatures by Kami Garcia & Margaret Stohl, and Ash by Malinda Lo in a fit of fiscal recklessness because they were on sale and I am a sale slut.

However, I am going to ignore those and pick Ally Carter’s AWESOME Heist Society for today. Because it is awesome and I really cannot be more coherent about it. Sorry.

Also, how many awesome books are coming out this year? The next Queen’s Thief, White Cat, John Green & David Levithan’s co-written book, The Demon’s Covenant, the Unicorns vs Zombies anthology, The Dead-Tossed Waves (omg, so looking forward to that one), Mockingjay, Ascendant, AND THE FIRST CLOCKWORK ANGELS BOOK.

There are going to be a lot of tough descisions over food vs books this year. Oh dear.

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Glee Meme Day 04 → Your favorite book

Wow, these favourite choices are just getting harder and harder, aren’t they?

I have more than two bookcases full of books, and that’s not including the hundred-odd ebooks that I have.

However, there are only really three contenders:

3. HEX, by Rhiannon Lassiter.

2. The Liar, by Stephen Fry.

1. The Lies of Locke Lamora, by Scott Lynch.

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