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Nobody critiques popular culture like Gaston!


[image: Gaston staring at Belle’s book. Caption: THIS HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH THE COLOR GREY. THIS IS PORN.]

No one tanks like Gaston. No one wanks like Gaston. No one critiques the popular skanks like Gaston! 

(The phrasing there is problematic, but it rhymes.) 

Not super concerned about the word “skank” but y’all missed a golden opportunity to use the word “spank” there, just saying. 

We could also go with “no-one planks like Gaston”, that doesn’t make any sense but it’s a hilarious mental image 😛

I like that much better. 

No one wanks like Gaston

No one planks like Gaston

No one side-eyes bad doms giving spanks like Gaston! (He’s a critic all over the blogosphere!) 

Azz wins the internet.

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Create (by Isaac Salazar)

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Perpetual Thoughts: Whip It by Shauna Cross

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Perpetual Thoughts: Whip It by Shauna Cross

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Glee Meme Day 14 → A non-fictional book

Choices for nomination:

And the winner is… Geisha, by Liza Dalby partly because it is my favourite and partly by virtue of being the only non-photography non-fiction book I have voluntarily read this decade (last decade’s was Children of the SS, and yeah, I really do read shit like that by choice).

What can I say, I am a fictional girl.

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Why Can’t This Book be Dialogue-Only?

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Oh, right. Because that is Hard, and I Suck.
Oh, oh, but writing the prose for that bit of dialogue between Liss and Arrath is hard, it is physically hurting me to write, and I wonder whether that means I should just scrap the whole thing? The dialogue is a little odd, it doesn’t flow properly and I would quite like some people to read it out loud for me so that I could see where it’s wrong because when I read it I know that the pacing is wrong and fairly stilted, but I cannot figure out how to change it.
Adding the prose is making it less jolting. But, like I said, painful.

It’s also destroying my brain, I think. Because while recommending The Lies of Locke Lamora to someone I said this:

“I love the lies of Locke Lamora. i would have children by it if that was possible (I think they would be slightly inky. Maybe part squid? Davey Jones!)”

So yes. When the men in white coats come for me, just show them that so they know that they’ve got the right girl.

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