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make it important. 

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The Lingo of Roller Derby

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The Lingo of Roller Derby

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Become a More Aggressive Skater

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Become a More Aggressive Skater

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Things I learned From Roller Derby;

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Even the most intimidating, hardcore, hard hitting, awesome, derby girls in your league/on your team have that one other derby girl they’re intimidated by.

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Let Me In: Roller Derby : A Rant

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Let Me In: Roller Derby : A Rant

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Things I learned from roller derby;

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The frozen vegetables/fruit in the freezer were not meant to be eaten, but are actually ice packs

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Wheel question!

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If I pass my minimum skills (or at least pass a decent amount of it) I’ll be rewarding myself with some new wheels, but there are so many options! I thought I’d throw it out to the all-knowing derby girls of the internet…

My current wheels are 94a. I’ve played around with pairing 4 of them with 4 wheels at 96a, and it worked quite well (I weigh 16 stone, and I’ll probably end up as a power blocker, so even my pushers need to be fairly slick but I also don’t need to have jammer-level speed).

Should I go down, and get some pushers that are under 94a, or should I keep my 94a’s as my pushers and get something slicker? 

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I think I need to look into Roller Derby

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Maybe I should get back into sports…

Soccer wasn’t violent enough and I miss my bruises
Funny how I stopped soccer and wrestling and all that stuff because I was worried about ruining my body, I think I miss it too much though

Just need to talk to someone about it.

-is 18 too late to start?
-is it possible to begin with little experience on skates?
-does it take over your life?

Doooo it. Starting roller derby is the best thing I’ve done in a long time! To answer your questions:

1) Depending on where you live and the league’s insurance the minimum ages are either 18 or 21, so no way are you too old! (Also, some leagues will let under 21s play with permission from a parent/guardian)

2) One or two leagues that I’ve seen will take beginner skaters, but realistically you do need to be reasonably confident on skates. By which I mean, you can move yourself forward and be confident that you (probably) won’t fall down. A good fresh meat program will teach you everything else that you need for derby. If you’re not yet confident on your skates, try going to roller discos!

3) I’ll be honest, it can do. But for most skaters, it takes over because we love it to the point that we WANT to be skating all the time. Being part of a team require commitment and dedication the same as any sport. Several US leagues have ‘rec’ teams for people who just want to have fun with playing derby rather than competing at a higher level. 

Explore the possibilities for derby in your area, go to a local bout, ask questions! All of the derby girls I’ve met have been, without exception, lovely and really happy to answer my stupid questions!

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Combat Roller Derby Gossip! – Gossip is Roller Derby Poison

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Combat Roller Derby Gossip! – Gossip is Roller Derby Poison

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We got tired of playing nice, so we started playing roller derby.

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#1 Rule: Get into shape.
Get into better shape. Not yet. Keep working. More conditioning. Stronger legs. Better lungs. Jammers skate twice as fast as blockers. Jammers hit three times as much as blockers. Jammers fall down (and get back up) twice as much as blockers. Jammers need to be in WAY better shape than blockers. Blockers will always have fresher legs.

#2 Rule: Never surrender.
Blockers can smell blood. Never let them see you getting discouraged or tired. That gives blockers MORE energy. Always keep trying and keep moving. You will eventually escape. A hole will open. Just don’t give up. Your team is counting on you to just keep trying. A jammer who quits is dead to me.

#3 Rule: Move your feet.
A jammer’s main advantage is that blockers have to react to YOU. The second your feet stop moving in a pack, blockers can anticipate your movements. As long as your feet are moving, they can never be sure what your next move will be. Keep moving your feet in the pack…always.

#4 Rule: Follow your blockers.
When you enter the pack, don’t focus on the opposing blockers. Focus on YOUR blockers. Your blockers are going to open holes for you to skate through. The opposing blockers will not. If you are looking for a way out (and you are ALWAYS looking for a way out) then look at YOUR own blockers.

#5 Rule: Stay out of the danger zone.
Never skate outside when you are in the turns. Get back to the inside line on the turns. Don’t let blockers get inside position on you in the turns.

#6 Rule: Stopping fast is more important than skating fast.
If you are able to stop faster than your opponents (in bounds and out of bounds) you gain a much bigger advantage than being able to outrun your opponents. Master at least two of these stops: plow stop, turnaround toestop, hockey stop.

#7 Rule: Jam like a blocker. Block like a jammer. When you’re blocking the best thing you can do is think like a jammer. Where would you go? What would you do, if you were jamming now? The same goes for jamming. What is that blocker expecting me to do? When are they at their most vulnerable? Can I HIT THEM to get them out of my way?

Jamming is 1% physical and 99% mental. It’s all about intimidation. The best jammers are FAR more intimidating than the meanest blockers. Be intimidating. Be cocky. Jamming is about attitude. Time to be a star.

Quad Almighty’s seven rules for jammers changed the way I think about jamming.  I stopped being afraid of it when I read these rules and started relishing it. (via malicemunro)

Printing this out and sticking it to my derby inspiration wall right now.

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