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god dammit you guys



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Some informative bi humor for my awesome followers. 

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They totally demoted Phil in Jurassic World.

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Rachel Green Best Comebacks

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floccinaucinihilipilificationa is my soul

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One late night, you are up in your bedroom when you hear your mom calling you downstairs. You are halfway down the staircase when all of a sudden, you see your mom in front of her bedroom door, terrified, she whispers, ‘Don’t go downstairs. I heard her, too.’

Who do you believe?

The one calling me downstairs. They’re lesbians, not ghosts.

This twist tho, I can’t stop laughing

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dont say “man up” say “level up” instead because video games are cooler than gender binary

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She most notably beat out famed boxer Floyd Mayweather, who has been charged with domestic violence six times, and served two months in jail for beating the mother of three of his children.

Being the badass that she is, Rousey could not resist calling out Mayweather for his history of domestic abuse.


Ronda has no chill. Whatsoever.

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the stereotype that women talk more than men is infinitely amusing to me because men are literally incapable of shutting the fuck up

i hope this post gets popular enough that i hurt a man’s feelings

It’s not a stereotype it’s a proven fact you femanazi piece of shit.

lmao there it is 

You wanna talk proven facts? This shit’s been done, son: researcher Dale Spencer in Australia used audio and video tape to independently evaluate who talked the most in mixed-gender university classroom discussions. Regardless of the gender ratio of the students, whether the instructor was deliberately trying to encourage female participation or not, men always talked more—whether the metric was minutes of talking or number of words spoken. 

Moreover, men literally have no clue how much they talk. When Spencer asked students to evaluate their perception of who talked more in a given discussion, women were pretty accurate; but men perceived the discussion as being “equal” when women talked only 15% of the time, and the discussion as being dominated by women if they talked only 30% of the time.

Spencer’s conclusion, if I may parahprase: you only think we talk too much because you’d rather we were silent.

Don’t fuck with me, asshole, I’m a scientist.


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Some of you may remember my popular bi, pan, and asexuwhale trio from last year. Well, I’ve decided to redo the set and add EVEN MORE SEXUWHALES (and an aromanatee!)

Bisexuwhale – humpback whale
Homosexuwhale – sperm whale
Pansexuwhale – narwhal/narwhale
Polysexuwhale – beluga whale
Asexuwhale – killer whale/orca
Aromanatee – manatee

All are available in my Redbubble shop as stickers, shirts, mugs, and more; text-less versions will be added to my shop soon, too.

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A+ use of wallpaper

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oh my god, my whole childhood in a post

most of my childhood.

Wait, do americans and english have a shared childhood?

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there are no words for the emotions I’m feeling

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standing next to sunflowers always makes me feel weak like “look at this flower. this flower is taller than i am. this flower is winning and i’m losing”

Wow you are not ready to hear about trees.

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You can’t not reblog this

There should be a limit to how many times your mind can be blown in one post.

the real end of england

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  • freddos are £10 each and rising
  • the dfs sale has ended
  • nandos is polite at all time, and this cannot be changed
  • simon cowell’s trousers are at waist level
  • ed milliband is able to eat bacon sarnies in a dignified way
  • there are many ways to find out, and non of them are fighting
  • the go compare man is an excellent singer
  • “this is not cracking cheese, gromit”
  • “complicated……….” *sad meerkat noise*
  • funkypig and moonpigeon
  • going to specsavers is a poor choice
  • everyone is neutral on marmite
  • boris johnson is a well spoken, comprehensable man
  • the cow is not laughing
  • 811 811
  • [churchill voice] no

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(screaming at the top of my lungs) JUST SAY BISEXUAL!!!!!! JUST SAY BISEXUAL!!!!!!! JUST SAY BISEXUAL!!!!!! OH MY GOD. JUST SA


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Just quoted Generation Kill by accident. Feeling proud, ashamed, and deeply upset that I am not now, nor will I ever be, Sgt Brad Colbert.

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minimalist bedrooms are nice but you’ll never catch my cluttered materialist ass alive

How to play “Paranoia”

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This is literally the best party game ever ok so here’s what you do:

Everyone sits in a circle

Whoever goes first whispers a question to the person on their right

The person on the right must answer the question out loud. The trick is, no one else in the circle knows the question. 

Next, someone flips a flip-flop up in the air. 

If it lands face up: the asker must say the question out loud to the whole group

If the flip flop lands face down: the asker doesn’t say anything, and everyone in the group is left to wonder what in the world the question was. 

And you go around the circle like that. The best questions have the answers as people. We like to limit it just to people in the circle, too. It just makes it more fun. 

Here are some examples of good questions:

  • You have to cover someone in the circle completely in peanut butter and lick it all off. Who?
  • You and one other person must be surgically bound together for the rest of your life. Who is the other person?
  • You and someone in the circle go in a dark room for 1 hour and do unspeakable things. Who?

the creepy sexual ones are the best, and it’s really fun when you limit it to people in the circle. have fun

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