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There’s a big difference, however, between hating a dominant group in an oppressive system like patriarchy and hating the individuals who belong to it. Angela Davis once said that as an African American she often feels hatred for white people, but her feelings for particular white people depend on the individual. She hates white people’s collective position of dominance in a racially oppressive society, she hates the privilege they enjoy at her expense, and she hates the racist culture that whites take for granted as unremarkable while she must struggle with the oppression it creates in everyday life. But Davis also knows that while individual whites can never be free of racism, they can participate in racist systems in many different ways, which include joining people of color in the fight for racial justice. The same can be said of men and women.

The distinction between groups and individuals, however, is subtle and easy to lose sight of when you’re up to your ears in an oppressive system. Of course women are going to feel and express anger, resentment, and even hatred toward individual men who may not have it coming in just that way or to that degree or at that moment. Of course men are sometimes going to get their feelings hurt or be called on to take responsibility for themselves in ways they may not be used to. When I heard Davis talk about hating white people, and when I’ve heard women talk about hating men, I’ve had to get clear in my own mind about how these words refer to me and how they don’t, and it often takes some effort to get there. And as a white male who benefits from both male and white privilege, I’ve also had to see that it’s up to me-and not to women or people of color-to distinguish one from the other. Too often men react to women’s anger by calling on women to take care of them, and in this way recreate the male-centered principle of the very gender order that women, feminist and otherwise, are angry about.

Allan G. Johnson, The Gender Knot (via wretchedoftheearth)

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[Image is a poster explaining briefly the origin and meaning of green, yellow, and red interaction signal badges, referred to above as Color Communication Badges.]







if youre not autistic or suffer from an actual disorder, dont use these. its not cute.

er… you know a lot of autistic people go to conventions, right? And people with social anxiety disorders and panic disorders? Shit if I could get away with using this at work I would. 

Hello there, justsjwthings.

I would like to introduce myself.  I refer to myself as Sam Thomas, though my legal name and how a lot of people know me is Matthew.  I am officially diagnosed autistic.

Over one week in June 2013 (last summer), I was in Washington, DC for an autism conference called the Autism Campus Inclusion (ACI) summer leadership program run by the Autistic Self-Advocacy Network for autistic college students.

If you have any question as to the truth of this, I would like to direct your attention to this YouTube video that ASAN produced promoting the above-mentioned conference.  I appear as the first person in the video and you can find more images of my face on my blog.

At this conference, not only did we use these communication badges pictured above, but we actually had the opportunity to meet Jim Sinclair, the inventor of these badges.

During the part of the conference in which Jim Sinclair gave us a history of Autism Network International (ANI)—which they were a co-founder of—they talked to us about the establishment of this particular piece of assistive technology.  Basically, it was a simple idea that seemed to fit a need and quickly became very popular among many autistic spaces for it’s practicality and ease of use.

The conference it originated from is called Autreat and is held annually by ANI. This is an autism conference that accepts Autistics and Cousins (ACs)—that is, anyone diagnosed or otherwise self-identifying with any disorder autistic or similar that may share a number of autistic traits.

There was a need.  The need was met.  This is how we can safely assume most technology either emerges or becomes popular.

We also talked about something called Universal Design and the Curb-Cutter Effect.  The Curb-Cutter Effect is when something to fit a specific need is found to create convenience in a broader area than intended.  Curb cuts allowing for wheelchair accessibility to sidewalks proved to also be convenient to anyone who may have trouble with steps or even simply a mother with a baby stroller or maybe a child with a wagon.  This is a desirable outcome with disability rights advocacy as creating convenience for non-disabled people often makes the assistive technology easier to advocate for.

In this sense, these colored communication badges could serve that Curb-Cutter effect.  Not only would this be perfectly acceptable for non-disabled people to use for convenience, but would also help to increase their effectiveness and convenience for those of us who need them.  Here are a few examples:

  • Increased popularity makes the colored communication badges more easily recognizable to the general public, making them as effective outside the above-mentioned autism conferences as inside.
  • Increase in demand would create increase in supply and availability, likely making these available to pretty much anyone and even being included with, say, the name tags you are required to wear at most cons.
  • In addition to these helping people recognize the communication state of the wearer, the wearer will be able to recognize whom they can feel more comfortable to approach.
  • Increased popularity would make these badges more acceptable for public use and less alienating to those who would wear them frequently.

This is not something that we are completely incapable of surviving without; this is something that was convenient and made our lives a lot easier.  If that can be easily shared with the general public, then what purpose does it serve not to share it?

Thank you for reading.

I think I’ve left some good information in this response and it may be a good read for some of our followers.  Just a bit of history and a couple concepts in disability advocacy.


Curb-cutter effect: I should use this term more often.

Ahhh, there’s even symbols, for the peeps with color-blindness!

Also: “curb-cutter effect.” I learn something new everyday! And the badge is super relevant to anime/gaming/comics convention spaces for its original intent, given that there tends to be a greater number of peeps on the spectrum there than in the general public, anyway.

I wish for convention spaces there was some way to use these without blocking the attendee badge (A built in side-panel, with slim versions of the cards? Or full sized cards behind the badge, which would itself be slimmer than the badge-carrier-plastic-thingy, so the communication info showed off to one side?), or suffering the same fate as that one – constantly freaking flipping around. Also a way to view it from behind would be epic (and serve as a subconscious reminder that you should probably also not, like, TOUCH people without warning…), but a tricky design problem. Badges are way easier to make en masse than shoulder-patches, and you couldn’t necessarily see the symbol on someone’s shoulder….hmmm.

Outside the box thinkers, deploy!

Random related note: A good number of security staffers prone to sensory overload took refuge in the Manga Cafe – a quiet library-like space – at KitsuneKon. If your con has something similar, and you need a breather, A+ Would Recommend. Check your handbooks.

A FURTHER PEE ESS: If you throw your dollahs at things like Autism Speaks in the name of awareness and support, I would highly HIGHLY suggest you check out the Autism Self Advocacy Network (ASAN) that Sam mentions instead. By autistics, for autistics, and none of the incredibly vile practices that AS gets its gross self up to.

I think I am going to make an option for this on the badges I’m making.

Having something like this be available and recognised would make my life SO MUCH EASIER

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Eddie Izzard on The Project (Australia) [x]

Also it’s not “dressing up.” It’s just, y’know, wearing clothes.

I love Eddie Izzard.

Into the Woods: A Summary

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Act One: Oh cool so this is like intertwining fairytales with like messages and newer themes this is cool and fun yeah I can dig it


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This Twitter is the best.

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NEW noise canceling headphones that are so good at blocking out sound that they even prevent you from listening to your own music, forcing you to bask in the whispers of the forgotten gods until you begin to hear your own brain falling apart as it descends into madness

and now, the weather

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Suits: Alexis Bledel as Michelle Ross & Idris Elba as Harvey Specter

What are you, some kind of lawyer?

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#I just let out the most embarrassing goddamn sound #this is everything I have ever wanted from Bucky #polar opposite to Cap’s fighting style which is all stand your ground #plant your feet #raise your shield #take the bullet #(‘no. you move.’) #Bucky is constantly ducking and twisting#slipping in the spaces between bullets #finding an opening in the air big enough to force his body into #and if there is no opening then by god he’ll carve one out. #Bucky fights like he wants to take the world by the throat and /squeeze/. (tags via theumbrellaseller)

i may not survive this film

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I want to open a really angry coffee shop called “I’m Not a Morning Person” and name all the drinks really angrily

like “can I get a Fuck You” or a “I’m Studying for Finals” or “My In-Laws are in Town”

and they all have shots of tequila in them

who wants to be my business partner


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your tumblr is one of those things that you want everyone to see but at the same time you never want to show it to anyone

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nothing is impossible when the pirates of the caribbean theme plays in the background 

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found in an abandoned house. it really makes you wonder, doesn’t it? 

Makes me wonder why the fuck your dumb ass is standing in a house with goddamn bloody writing on the wall instead of hopping aboard the nope train to Fuckthatville

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Who is that blonde lady with the red suspenders?

That would be Evan Rachel Wood ( ^▽^)

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The real world.

This is from That’s So Raven, where Chelsea and Raven apply to work at the same clothing shop. Chelsea is white; Raven is black. Chelsea gets the job, despite being utterly horrible at it, while Raven, who has a deep interest in fashion and knows how to handle clothes, does not. The girls find this deeply suspicious, so Chelsea wears a hat with a camera on it and questions the employer. The employer admits what she does in the gif above and Chelsea and Raven submit the footage to a news station.

And THAT is why That’s So Raven is the best TV show ever.

That’s not even the only reason why it was the best show ever

why are you a feminist???

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because people are still asking that question

because women are payed less than men in approximately 99% of professions

because chris brown can still have a career after assaulting rihanna but miley cyrus takes her clothes off and there’s a huge scandal

because of this:


because currently it is estimated ten million more girls are out of education than boys (x)

because we’re expected to be mature but hairless like a child, in control but not bossy, sexy but not slutty and definitely not a prude, intelligent but not opinionated, independent but reliant on men, natural but look like the girl in the magazine etc etc

because being called a girl, a pussy or a bitch is an insult

because when i told my mum i refused to get anything less than a’s in my exams she told me it wasn’t ladylike to be so cocky

because my brother and 90% of my male friends think girls who wear revealing clothing are asking for rape

because every person who identifies as female should be allowed to choose if they want to get married, have kids, have a career, go to uni etc etc without expectations

because tampons and sanitary pads are stupidly expensive

because some people reading this will have flinched at the fact i just said ‘tampon’

because there are men out there whose job it is to make young girls feel like absolute shit about themselves just so they can sell the next best beauty product

because female masturbation isn’t considered normal whilst men can talk about their own penises for hours on end


because feminists are still seen as crazy lesbians who dont shave and some still feel like they have to defend themselves by claiming theyre not any of those things when in fact if i want to be a passionate lady who likes other ladies and cant be bothered to shave my legs every twenty minutes then thats my choice and if i want to be someone who wears make up and shaves and goes out partying then thats my choice and if i want to be a combination of the two or anything in between then thats. my. choice.

because i believe anyone who identifies as female is fucking badass and deserves the same rights as every privileged stuck up old white man sitting around and making laws about our bodies

because how can you not be

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humans are very interesting because no other creature has gone through years of evolution to be this stupid

sometimes a sloth’s metabolism can slow down so much it can starve to death with a full stomach


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Just thought I’d share this charming piece of graffiti from near my home.

By the way, this is the ONLY women’s library in the country, it has only women’s work in it and also serves as a sort of feminist museum. They’re affiliated with a university close by and hold regular events such as workshops and talks on subjects like the poetry of immigrant women of colour or the representation of mental health in women’s literature. Its also due to be closed down by the Conservatives.

Can men go in and borrow books written by women?

Yeah, totally, they even do events for men by women on intro to feminism, rape culture stuff sometimes!

god forbid women have a single fucking thing without men getting jealous like fucking children