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Harry James Moody

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maple pecan cupcakes with tiny buttermilk pancakes.


I require this both in my life in general, and in my face more specifically.

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The Field Museum – Gorilla gorilla

Look forward to small photosets of my trip behind the scenes at the Chicago Field Museum in the coming days!  There were so many remarkable things, it’d be rude not to share. 

We came across this specimen in the mammal prep lab waiting to be reunited with the rest of its skeleton, presumably still being processed in their dermestid colony.  It’s the spinal column of a gorilla (Gorilla gorilla) that was donated by the Lincoln Park Zoo once the animal died.  

What is absolutely jaw-droppingly fascinating about this specimen is that the entire spinal column is fused.  All of the vertebrae have grown together to form one continuous, smooth bone, rather than being comprised of multiple moving vertebrae.  There is also a large healing pathology towards the top of the lumbar vertebrae and at the bottom of the thoracic.  An obvious reason for this to have occurred is because this animal had a limited range of movement as it lived in a zoo enclosure for the majority, if not duration of its life.  

It makes me wonder what human skeletons must look like if we continue to live our lives in front of computers, heavily restricting our range of movement day-in and day-out. 

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when straight guys ask how lesbian sex works i feel really bad for their girlfriends because if you dont understand how to have sex with a girl in any way other than repeatedly putting your dick in her you are having some really bad sex

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These is the new UNSPOKEN and the UNTOLD cover! And they’re gorgeous! I love how this UNSPOKEN is basically a photographic version of the other (also amazing) cover <3

Also, in UNTOLD, look at the girl and her shadow. So big and looming. Yes, good. I really like the feel of both of these covers, like creepy secrets and such.

also boobs good job there person who casted kami i see she’s actually big like she should be let’s not pretend we’re not all thinking this

I hope you guys all like the covers! Here they are displayed together in all their glory.

… And now, A Note On Kami’s Boobs on Unspoken. As they were mentioned above approvingly, to my great pleasure, but also I know from other comments people notice them. 😉

The boobs are my fault.

We knew we wanted a silhouette cover, to go with the old Unspoken cover and Gothicness theeeeematically. Silhouette pictures are hard to find, and posed professional pictures of people who are not super skinny are hard to find, because Society.

This girl is thinner than Kami in my head—but she does look like she’s got some badonkadonk going on, and I liked that. It would have felt very wrong to have the silhouette of Kami slimmed down.

LOVELY EDITOR: I was thinking we might, er, bring the boobs down a notch. (Just because they are prominent!)


SARAH: *sends textual evidence of Kami being a well-fleshed young lady.*

EDITOR, PROJECT MANAGER, COVER DESIGNER: Others send us messages about the themes and colors… and Sarah has just sent us a giant email all about boobs.

I had lunch with my Random House peeps in March, and we were discussin’ the covers, and this happened… 

SARAH: I was wondering if you could change the color for the Untold font.

LOVELY PROJECT MANAGER: Let’s put that on it. *gestures to front of Sarah’s dress*

SARAH: My… boobs?

SARAH: … I mean you can if you want…

PROJECT MANAGER: Um, no. The turquoise polka dots on your dress.

SARAH: Oh that makes more sense.

PROJECT MANAGER: It’s always boobs with you, Rees Brennan.

I’ll be honest, my only problem with the new covers is that when the new cover of Unspoken is released I will have three copies of the exact same book.

And I know I have three (four?) different copies of The Lies of Locke Lamora, but surely that proves that my madness ought to be STOPPED, not encouraged?

Oh well. Time to build another bookcase. To hold all the boobs.

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John Green’s tumblr: “John Green, while death threats to Laci Green are bad, no arguing…

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John Green’s tumblr: “John Green, while death threats to Laci Green are bad, no arguing…

you know what term i’ve never heard?

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unwed father

And now you just realized how slut-shamey “unwed mother” is.

how did i never think about this before

For all the women I have loved who were dragged through the mud

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I’ve read a lot of great essays about how fandom is female-majority and creates a female gaze and a safe space for women and etc. But spend five minutes in fandom and you’ll have an unsettling question.

Why does a female-majority, feminist culture hate female characters so much?

It’s not a question of if it happens. You know it does. You can go into any fandom and see it. Some fandoms are worse than others, but it’s always there. Scroll down the Tumblr tag for any show, movie, book, comic, whatever, and you’ll see nothing but love for the men, and a lot of unjustified hate for the women, maybe with a few defenders here and there insisting on their love for the women in the face of all that hate.

To be clear, we’re not talking about female villains. Male villains get just as much hate. It’s fine if you hate Bellatrix Lestrange or Dolores Umbridge, you’re supposed to. (I personally stan for Bella, but I realize that wasn’t the authorial intent.) This is about people hating Hermione, Ginny and Luna, but loving Harry, Ron and Neville. This is about how ambiguous male antiheroes, like Snape, Zuko, or pretty much any male vampire protagonist can get away with walking that fine line between good and evil and not only remain sympathetic, but be even more beloved for how ~tortured~ he is, but when a female character is morally gray that bitch has to die.

So you can’t tell me it’s okay that you hate Sansa because you also hate Joffrey and he’s a dude. They’re not comparable. It isn’t even comparable if you pick a female antihero. Let’s do this apples to apples, here.

We all know that fandom does this. We all know that it’s fucked up and symptomatic of internalized sexism. What’s really fucking weird about it, though, is that the women doing this hating often aren’t ignorant. These are feminists. These are women who can go on meta-analyses of the writing. Some will hide behind pseudo-feminist reasons for their hate—oh, it’s the writing, we just aren’t given strong female characters! (I saw this used for the women of AtLA: Katara, Toph, Azula, et al. This was about when I just backed away slowly because I know a lost cause when I see it.) I’ve seen women who denied being sexist, but couldn’t name a single female character they liked. And it’s always that the female characters aren’t good enough, even when they obviously have a double standard, and they’re measuring women on an impossible scale full of contradictions and no-win binds, while the men are just embraced and loved pretty much for existing.

The reaction nearly every time one of these women is called out is not to say, “Huh, you may have a point, I should examine the way I judge and process women’s actions more closely,” but an insistence of their feminism, followed by a more detailed description of why that particular woman is terrible and she hates her, as if the whole point were not that fandom is already oversaturated with that kind of hate, and as if the person doing the calling out were not already 110% done with that bullshit.

Particularly telling is that male-dominated corners of fandom do not have this problem. They fetishize, they objectify, they ignore. They don’t hate like this.

We know it happens. What I want to know is WHY.

Theories follow below the cut.

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Use this helpful map to find your way around

“Agricultural Sector” made me lol irl.

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we’re halfway thru april, u know what tht means?



FUCKING GENIUS. And still funny. Always still funny.

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I hate how a majority believe that when a girl’s silent she’s

falling apart

crying inside

over thinking




she’s just picturing porn in her head

^ this

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I will be honest with you: when I look at the Philpott case, I, too, see “the product of welfare UK”. I see “the State”. I see its mark as assuredly as the Mail does. But do you know what “welfare UK” I see? I see 17 children, all of whom were healthy and well nourished – because benefits fed those children – and all of whom went to school. So the surviving ones now have some chance of a future, because the State paid for it. I see the women’s refuge that Lisa Willis was able to go to when she left her abusive partner – paid for by the State. I see a man who was given free legal representation during his manslaughter case – so that everyone in the country knew justice had been done.

I saw that while evil operated in the centre of all this – a terrible, destructive, manipulative man – every innocent around him was helped, and aided, and was never abandoned, and had somewhere to turn because of “welfare UK”. For that is why the welfare state was created: to undo wrongs, to help the helpless, even as strong men rage to destroy them. Anyone inclined to berate “welfare UK” should consider for a moment what would have happened to those women and those children in Victorian times, before Beveridge and Attlee.

Because if they believe that the slums then were not filled with men exactly like Mick Philpott – but whose children starved and whose wives stayed, beaten, in the house – and that it is only “welfare UK” that has now created them, I fear the history my father taught me, during his long, “idle” days on benefits, was more comprehensive than yours.

Caitlin Moran (via modernlovetacotruck)


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Yeah okay this is rad.

This was very nice to have as the first thing on my dashboard after I just spent half an hour answering idiotic questions on a youtube video.

Thank you.

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Oh tumblr. You will understand how I accidentally stayed up until 6.30am watching “But I’m a Cheerleader” for the first time.

Because the questions is, where has this movie been all my life?

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“I could see somebody coming and playing [briefly],” Nill said. “But to do it over a career, it would be awful hard. Just I guess because of size. I think skill-wise, they’re getting up there. Speed, they’re getting up there. But you’re talking men that are 220 pounds, that’s all I worry about.”

People who think like this need to watch co-ed roller derby. Like, Gotham Girls vs New York Shock Exchange, or London Rockin’ Rollers vs Southern Discomfort.

(Fun fact: the ladies won both of those bouts. By a lot.)

Women’s roller derby is different to men’s roller derby. It’s hard to describe, but if you watch a men’s bout and then straight away watch a women’s bout, you’ll see what I mean. 

There’s a photo somewhere of Lady Lazarus taking on (I think) Noise Tank. Lady is, what, 5’2" and looks like a (wonderfully terrifying) stick insect. Noise is about 5’11" and is built like, you guessed it, a very compact tank. I mean, I’ve played him. Boy can hit. And yet he’s the one who ate track. 

NHL is brutal in ways that roller derby isn’t, but I think that a man and a woman trained to the same standard can absolutely play hockey together. But that’s often the problem, isn’t it? Men receive so much more incentive, encouragement and support for sports than women do – it’s incredibly difficult for a lot of female athletes to get trained to the same level as there male counterparts.

Yet again another reason why I love roller derby. 

(But hockey’s fun too)

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And if one person describes her as a feminist icon just because she was a woman in power… no that’s not how that works she was the antithesis of a feminist icon she thought feminism was poison and believed women belong at home

sister of the perpetual adoration of courfeyrac: Resource on why Thatcher was the worst of the worst.

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sister of the perpetual adoration of courfeyrac: Resource on why Thatcher was the worst of the worst.

Pro-Tip: If you’re totally ok with the presence of dragons, magic, elves, and other fictional things being placed in a medieval times but you pitch a fit when someone suggests that PoC should be included in the cast, you’re probably a little bit racist.

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I’m just saying, you should really take the time to examine why you’re ok with fictional beasts and magic but as soon as a PoC is mentioned you start arguing for “historical accuracy.”

turmeric stained fingertips: for the americans who dont know much about thatcher

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turmeric stained fingertips: for the americans who dont know much about thatcher