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SO far today I have been so anxious that I haven’t been able to:

All of these are things that I need to do today, and I haven’t been able to yet, even though it’s already after one pm.

Today I am a sad panda. And hungry.

ETA: I did a thing! None of the rest of the things, and one of the least important, but still. THING.

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Francis Alÿs
Paradox of Praxis 1 (Sometimes doing something leads to nothing)
Mexico City, 1997
The is a photograph from a 9-hour performance by the artist Francis Alys in which he pushed a block of ice around Mexico City until it melted away to nothing. 

Sometimes doing something leads to nothing.

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hey what if someone invented a machine that allowed women to transfer their pregnancies to men and then the government passed a law that if a woman didn’t want to have a baby the biological father was required to carry it how fast do you think birth control would stop being an issue

We all know I’m a nerd…

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OKAY, so, I got to see Team USA play London Brawling and Team England on Monday. It was something approaching mind-blowing (I had to have a little lie down in the gap between bouts, it’s true). 

BUT, when Brawling actually scored more points against the USA than England did, it got me thinking, and I came to a conclusion that many people have probably already come to before me:

Final scores don’t actually mean anything. It’s the points differential that actually matters.

So I googled stuff like “TEAM USA POINTS DIFFERENTIALS” and “B&T WORLD CUP SCORES”, gave up because there was NOTHING, and the hit DNN to gather some stats because I WANTED TO KNOW, GODDAMNIT (this could be a bit of an overreaction to some fairly obvious stats, but I WANTED THE SPREADSHEET, and if you didn’t know, here’s your heads-up: I am a massive nerd for rules, stats, wheels – If it’s to do with derby and it has numbers, I will be all over that shit).

All this to say, I made a spreadsheet. 

Here are the scores for bouts that have been played against Team USA from the start of the World Cup, sorted from Highest to Lowest by Opposing Score:

As you can see, Brawling beat out England, ans Scotland come last with their hard-fought point.

Re-order it by Points Diff, though:

England jump up ahead of London, which if you saw both of those bouts, is exactly how it should be.

Interestingly Scotland actually move up of Australia, even though Australia finished 4th and Scotland came 11th. Obviously, we can’t judge final rankings from just one bout, but it does beg the question of where Scotland (and Australia) might have come had Australia been the team to take on USA in their Group round (Australia beat Scotland by a wide margin, so this shouldn’t be taken to mean that I think Scotland would have finished better than Australia, I think that the Top 4 were exactly right).

So. Long post. And boring to most people, I’m sure, but if you aren’t one of those people I’d be really interested in hearing your thoughts on final scores vs points diff for grading the quality of roller derby.

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Please join me in my goal to Ban all life jackets and other flotation devices! 

IMO people shouldn’t even be taught how to swim. It just makes them more likely to do it and then they might drown, so it’s better not to tell them anything about swimming at all.