Got sent to the pentalty box for punching someone in the face

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I ain’t even mad.

Totally worth the trip to the box

ahahahaha. <3 this rules.

Haha, yes. Except you wouldn’t get sent to the box for punching someone in the face, you’d get ejected from the entire bout and that’s totally not worth it.

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Your first ever band tee.

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fall out boy 

mayday parade.

 Led Zeppelin


Green Day

Green Day

 Bon Jovi

Bon Jovi.


Led Zeppelin

Blues Brothers.


Either Motley Crue, KISS or The Stooges. I don’t remember which came first. Probably The Stooges.

Bad Religion (technically the first bit of band merch I ever got was a Slipknot hoodie, but Bad Religion was my first t-shirt.)

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team england’s logo

I have to say, this is probably the worst logo I have ever seen for a sports team (and probably worse than a lot of logos for other things too)

I have to say I agree. This is… not good. I’m pretty sure I could come up with something better, even just using this colour pallette. 

Edit: to prove the point, I did. Total time: 17 minutes. And I’m not a graphic designer by any stretch of the imagination. Obviously all things artistic are subjective, but still. 

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kyza answered your question: If anyone has any tips on jamming for me..

1 on 1 jamming. Try lead the opposing jammer where you want them when going into a pack.

That sounds interesting. Can you explain how it works a bit more? (I’m a baby jammer, you see 🙂


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Amazing skater! I was blown away.

She was incredible at this bout!

Kami is incredible all the time! I love her skating style, her attitude – everything, basically = <3 🙂


I know! It’s like, I’m sorry, how do you have time to basically be the coolest person in the world AND an amazing roller derby player? Because I can’t even do one of those things :p Also, she’s one of the only other derby girls I know of (I’m sure more of us exist) who DOESN’T DRINK! There are not enough <3s in the world for Kamikaze Kitten…

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It’s my two favourite cookies… IN ONE. I must have these inside me. Baking ingredients on shopping list as of now.

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Amazing skater! I was blown away.

She was incredible at this bout!

Kami is incredible all the time! I love her skating style, her attitude – everything, basically = <3 🙂

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If anyone has any tips on jamming for me..

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please, don’t be afraid to share them!


One thing I learnt (from driving lessons, weirdly) is don’t look at what’s right in front of you – look for where you want to be. You still see what’s going on around you, but you be focused on getting out of the pack rather than getting around individual blockers. 

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I will make sure my children know how to skate, so they can get piercings and tattoos and fish net leggins and become roller derby girls. I will push my never pursued dreams on them.

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orrr you could get off your arse and do roller derby yourself.

yYou know. Your choice and all that.

Also, none of those things make you a derby girl. Hard work, commitment, and sacrifice makes you a derby girl. Along with copious amounts of sweat, and often blood and tears too. Jus’ sayin’.

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I don’t like cheesecake, but I know a lot of people who do… hands up if you want me to make this…


Rainbow cheesecake! Learn how to make it here.

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I really feel that this should be the Brighton Rockers’ motto… 😉

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italkderby replied to your post: My entire body is made of pain

Saw a picture on facebook – it looks incredible! You guys are so lucky 😀 is it your permenant training space? x

Hopefully! There are some problems with the floor (unpolished concrete patches + falling roller girls = skin removal) but the people who own the warehouse have some ideas for how to fix it, so then we are moving in (I plan to leave only to sleep 😉

This picture gives you a better idea of how FREAKING HUGE this place is. Well excited 😀

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My entire body is made of pain

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Some of the Rockers took up brooms, mops and scrubbing brushes this evening to clean the floor of our new warehouse – a warehouse that is the size of a mid-sized aircraft hangar. Less than a quarter of the way through the buffer failed and we had to do the rest scrubbing on our hands and knees! 

It took five solid hours to do the whole thing, with only one 20 minute break – for pizza and beer. Lots of hard work, but fun. Hopefully the floor can get sorted properly and be skateable soon 🙂


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That awkward moment when you walk into your normal Muggle school after an intense summer of obsessing over Harry Potter.

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GPO my life.

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I played my first bout today!

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It was truly amazing. I love the Brighton Rockers so much – we beat the Romsey Town Rollerbillies by NINE POINTS. So the Rockers are still undefeated! And I played! And Bash kept putting me on when it got difficult, so I am so very very happy. 

At one point three of the Romsey blockers hit me at once. I was told this at the afterparty, because I didn’t even notice it had happened and hardly moved at all. I am pleased. I fell over twice – once in each half. And I didn’t get a single penalty – not even a minor!

And my mum just bought me pizza in bed. Best day ever.

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pioneers, o pioneers!: TEAM USA ROSTER!!!

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pioneers, o pioneers!: TEAM USA ROSTER!!!

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So my brother is famous.

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I haven’t mentioned it on here for a while, but his band are getting really big. They’re number 10 on the UK charts which is a big deal.

But here’s the thing – number 1 would make people sit up and listen.

It’s 99p to buy their current single ‘Down With The Trumpets’ and every purchase counts – would really appreciate it. Come on Tumblr, we can do this!

Here’s the link to open in iTunes: BUY TRUMPETS 🙂


You should buy this. It’s all kind of awesome, and I say that even though it’s totally not my usual musical taste. It’s a really fun song.

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Damnit, Pottermore!

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Open registration when I am at home! Just once! Is all I ask! Argh, why do I have to leave for 5 hours (training + dropping sister at work) 🙁


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Dan: The thing that I’m proudest of is Quidditch. I’ve spoken to at least 2 or 3 professional Quidditch players who think any team will be lucky to have me.

I’m still not a fan of his acting, but I am a fan of him as a human being. Dan Radcliffe = awesome.

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Roller derby doesn’t turn people into something they’re not. It makes you more like you really are.

Bonnie D. Stroir
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