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Have any roller girls experienced pain and bad cramping up the sides of both their calves, when skating on a new (super slippy) surface? I have for four weeks now, and I don’t know if I need to somehow change my technique just at this rink, or change wheels, or get new calves…

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I have the same problem, and as my Mum is a musculo-skeletal physiotherapist I have an answer! It’s a form of shin splints, and mostly the pain is caused by you gaining muscle in your calves faster than the tendons surrounding the muscles can stretch. And since you’re on a super-slippy surface you’re having to use your calf muscles more to hold you steady. Hence, pain.

Stretching both your calves and the muscles in front of your shin should help (Shin stretch: while standing place your foot behind you, sole up and straighten your leg. Slowly slide your foot back and bend the opposite knee to gently increase the stretch. You’ll probably feel it in the top of your foot & front of your ankle to start with.)

I’ve also found that a strip of kinesio tape at about 60% stretch half over the edge of the calf muscle helps a TON. Getting some gel insoles to cushion putting your foot down may also help. If you need to, take ibuprofen before you skate/when it hurts to help reduce any inflamation. Finally, perhaps borrow some lower duro wheels off of someone and see if that helps.

As with anything: If it continues to get worse, GO SEE YOUR DOCTOR. For serious. (and sorry for the essay 😉

Derby love xx

“Ohhh sweetie, do you want an ice pack for your vagina?”

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Heard on radio 4, Roller Derby special on Friday.

It is quotes like these that make me quite worried about my recent choices.

At least, until I get my skates on again.

It’s quotes like this that make me realise that I’ve made exactly the right choices 😉

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When you’re trying to sleep and realise that you need to take your valium, but you left it in the car. 

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Things I Learned from Roller Derby;

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if it hurts… you are doing it right. if not.. you’re not working hard enough.

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How can you not get into this? #MRDA

I love the Rebels!

Great video showcasing the Mens Derby at Spring Roll 2011. I, personally, don’t enjoy watching mens derby as much as womens or the junior leagues, but that doesn’t mean I don’t think they’re just as awesome. In a way, it takes just as much guts for men to play what started (and continues to mainly be) a womens sport as it does for women to step out of the crowd, refuse their typical gender stereotype, and kick some ass as derby players. We’re all going against the gender norm. Derby, for all its full-contactness, has some very feminine touches that (to me) look odd when a man does them – wearing stars on your helmet, tapping your hips, that sort of thing. I have great respect for the men who do those things, just as I have even more respect for the women who step even further out of their gender stereotypes to be aggressive and hit other girls.

I’m pretty sure that repeated itself a lot, but the point stands: derby players in all shapes, sizes and genders are awesome, even if I don’t like to watch them. Mens derby haters can suck it.

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You know what? Someone should get a pair of these to Mange Moi el Cul 😉

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this was on indexed as “how to win”…. so much agree. also this describes how I feel about all roller derby bootcamps. and any physical challenge.

Let Me In: Roller Derby : A Rant

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Let Me In: Roller Derby : A Rant

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Things I learned from roller derby;

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The frozen vegetables/fruit in the freezer were not meant to be eaten, but are actually ice packs

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so…. i can do this now. pssht… nbd.. whatev. *brushes collar*

We tried this at practice tonight with hilariously bad results (aka, we fell over. A lot.)


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For the lulz.

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DC Roller Girls

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Roller Skates make the world a better place!!!

It’s true.

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Things I Learned From Roller Derby;

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There is a big difference between being injured and being hurt.

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Wheel question!

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If I pass my minimum skills (or at least pass a decent amount of it) I’ll be rewarding myself with some new wheels, but there are so many options! I thought I’d throw it out to the all-knowing derby girls of the internet…

My current wheels are 94a. I’ve played around with pairing 4 of them with 4 wheels at 96a, and it worked quite well (I weigh 16 stone, and I’ll probably end up as a power blocker, so even my pushers need to be fairly slick but I also don’t need to have jammer-level speed).

Should I go down, and get some pushers that are under 94a, or should I keep my 94a’s as my pushers and get something slicker? 

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Damn. Do I still want to go on with this?

Serious injuries are a part of roller derby (as with any sport) and it’s something every skater has to seriously consider. It’s not a question of “will I get injured”- it’s “when” and “how badly”. 

Just in our fresh meat class (that’s been going for 8 weeks) we’ve had two sprains (one minor and one major) and one broken rib. And we aren’t even playing.

Also, I don’t know who’s video this is but it is considered disrespectful, and terribly bad form to film, photograph or otherwise record an injured skater.

I think I need to look into Roller Derby

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Maybe I should get back into sports…

Soccer wasn’t violent enough and I miss my bruises
Funny how I stopped soccer and wrestling and all that stuff because I was worried about ruining my body, I think I miss it too much though

Just need to talk to someone about it.

-is 18 too late to start?
-is it possible to begin with little experience on skates?
-does it take over your life?

Doooo it. Starting roller derby is the best thing I’ve done in a long time! To answer your questions:

1) Depending on where you live and the league’s insurance the minimum ages are either 18 or 21, so no way are you too old! (Also, some leagues will let under 21s play with permission from a parent/guardian)

2) One or two leagues that I’ve seen will take beginner skaters, but realistically you do need to be reasonably confident on skates. By which I mean, you can move yourself forward and be confident that you (probably) won’t fall down. A good fresh meat program will teach you everything else that you need for derby. If you’re not yet confident on your skates, try going to roller discos!

3) I’ll be honest, it can do. But for most skaters, it takes over because we love it to the point that we WANT to be skating all the time. Being part of a team require commitment and dedication the same as any sport. Several US leagues have ‘rec’ teams for people who just want to have fun with playing derby rather than competing at a higher level. 

Explore the possibilities for derby in your area, go to a local bout, ask questions! All of the derby girls I’ve met have been, without exception, lovely and really happy to answer my stupid questions!

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(by RussellReno)

I want these 😉