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I’m sorry, all I can think of is “nerdfighters.”


Probably not, but I can dream.

OH my gosh.  oh MY gosh.  oh my GOSH.  OHMYGOSH.  freaking out a little.

Two people I know who are not nerdfighters have used ‘jokes’ when talking to me recently. IT IS HAPPENING. NERDFIGHTARIA IS TAKING OVER ENGLAND 😀

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A knitterly dilemma: two complementarily coloured balls of Life yarn, only one is a dk weight, and one is Aran weight. What do I do? (Taken with instagram)

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Me as the lazy devil 🙂 (Taken with Instagram at The Open Market)

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The sock & devil cards (cards for sale, unfinished sock not 😉 (Taken with Instagram at The Open Market)

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I have yet to find anything that makes me as happy as puppy-sized elephants. And now I can wear them in my EARS 😀 I shall (in addition to wearing them, um, constantly) be wearing them during the PROJECT FOR AWESOME (how is it that P4A is in 2 days? HOW??)


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“Five Sci-Fi Children’s Books” by Caldwell Tanner on CollegeHumor


Ahahahahaha, I want this to be a real thing.

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Sirdar Crofter dk: my new love. (Taken with instagram)

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Cast on for dad’s socks. That’s 5 2.25mm DPNs, plus one for knitting onto. I am insane. (Taken with instagram)

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Currently on the needles (you may notice that these socks are not my dads socks. That is an illusion) (Taken with instagram)

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Fashion makes me feel so beautiful!


(via sinverguenza)

You have gorgeous legs. And shoes. Love the shoes 🙂

Yes the picture is a joke, but the comments on this picture are the real horror

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Submitted by Anonymous

I am ignoring the comments because I think that they might make me homicidal, but I actually think this is pretty interesting (several god-awful photoshop jobs aside).

To start with, the women who are beautiful skinny are still freaking gorgeous; and then there’s the fact that a lot of them, in my opinion, look better slightly heavier. Maybe not the extreme ones so much, but I (as we all probably should) see serious obesity as a often life-threatening illness, so that is really to be expected.

When thinking about body issues I often feel lucky to come from a family where your body type is either super-skinny with tiny bones (my 21-year-old sister’s wrists are 4.5 inches around – to put that in perspective, mine are 7.5 inches around) or prone to gaining muscle and fat quickly along with being “big boned” (by which I mean my shoulders are only slightly less wide than a lot of the men that I know)

So my sister and I have always seen the other side’s problems when it comes to the Great Weight Debate 🙂

The Liberal Democrats’ latest U-turn: equal pay

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The Liberal Democrats’ latest U-turn: equal pay

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It’s a shame that Bookstock is going to be in June, but I think I need to make a pair of these anyway 🙂

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