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This Looks Shopped of the Day: If you weren’t wide awake yet, you are now.


[therussross / whatevs.]


I will never sleep again o.o

miss world: Harry Potter & Feminism: Book 1 – Hermione Granger

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miss world: Harry Potter & Feminism: Book 1 – Hermione Granger

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Feminism is about choice. Sometimes I think if I repeat that enough, people will get it. This time I’ll let another blogger repeat it for me, since I think she’s spot on:

“ Feminism (at least my brand) doesn’t oppose sexiness, but it opposes compulsory sexiness.

It’s the difference between putting on makeup to look like your slutty fantasy, and putting on makeup to leave the house. Between wearing heels because they make your ass tight and your legs long, and wearing heels because they’re in your dress code. Between smiling at a sexy stranger and having "hey honey, why aincha smiling” yelled at you. Between having sex because your pussy is wet and your muscles are quivering, and having sex because it’s time to put out.

And I’d go further and say it’s also the difference between being a sex worker because that’s a legitimate career option, and being a sex worker because it’s the only way you can eat. It’s the difference between sexified female bodies being used as porn, and them being used as decorations and advertisements. Maybe most importantly, it’s the difference between women being taken seriously when they talk about sexuality, and women not being taken seriously when they’re not sexy enough. “

And I’d add that the opposite is also true. It’s the difference between dressing modestly because it’s comfortable or keeps you warm, and dressing modestly to avoid being jailed or raped because you were "asking for it.” Between liking football and Grand Theft Auto because they entertain you, and liking football and Grand Theft Auto because you don’t want to dare to have stereotypically “girly” hobbies. Between forgoing makeup because you’re too lazy in the morning and forgoing makeup because otherwise you won’t be taken seriously at work. Between choosing nerdy t-shirts because you think they’re funny, and choosing nerdy t-shirts because your friends will heckle you if you wear anything feminine.

Compulsory anti-sexiness is not the solution to compulsory sexiness. There’s not one right way to be a woman.

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 blue part should probably be bigger.

all of this. I’m so excited/terrified.

Oh dear, yes. I cried too much at DHp1, I am slightly afraid of dehydration with DHp2.

Although if they do the epilogue I will just kill myself.

MASS BOYCOTT if they do the epilogue. But I might watch it secretly by myself. WANT TO SEE PART 1 AGAIN.

The secret masochistic part of my would watch it, but I would feel dirty doing it in front of other people 😉

DO YOU WANT TO GO AND SEE IT AGAIN WITH ME? I NEED TO SEE IT AGAIN. My sister has gone with her friends and I am tres jealous 🙁

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All of my family are getting something hand knitted from wool that I already own. All of my friends are getting something that, yes, I have paid money for, but it is also something that my family and I have created.

Viva la end of capitalism for me.

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 blue part should probably be bigger.

all of this. I’m so excited/terrified.

Oh dear, yes. I cried too much at DHp1, I am slightly afraid of dehydration with DHp2.

Although if they do the epilogue I will just kill myself.

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Re-watching Buffy. On Season 4. Should really be NaNoWriMo-ing.

But mm, Spike and Giles.

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It’s one of the most challenging countries in the world in which to campaign for human rights – but the women of Iran are defying harassment, battery, imprisonment and even torture to be heard.

Since 2006, women and men inside Iran have been organising by the thousands to achieve recognition of women’s equality before the law, in a campaign known as One Million Signatures. It’s one of the most impressive grassroots campaigns for equality the world has ever known, and now they’re asking us for support:

Sign the petition to the supreme leader of Iran, Ayatollah Sayed ‘Ali 

Championing women’s equality in a country where a woman isn’t even recognised as a citizen until she is a married mother is a daunting prospect. Whereas a man can have four wives and infinite ‘temporary wives’, a woman can be stoned to death on the accusation of adultery. A woman’s testimony is worth half as much as man’s in court, yet girls can be held criminally responsible and even sentenced to death before their 10th birthday.

Yet there is a growing movement of women and men inside Iran who see things differently, and refuse to be silenced.

So today, as we mark the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women, we stand in solidarity with all Iranian women. Many have been harassed, arrested, beaten and jailed for daring to challenge the status quo. But despite the scale of the repression, they continue to use their voice at enormous personal risk to gather support.Please send the message that we will not be silent either and join their call now. 

Thank you for using your voice and Id appreciate if you could reblog it so we can get the word out. Every voice out there makes a difference.


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(via alittlepursefellout)

  • Slytherin
  • The Stone
  • Cat
  • Episkey
  • Defense Against the Dark Arts
  • Ravenclaw
  • Resurrection Stone
  • Cat
  • Patronus Charm
  • Potions 

Resurrection stone
Defence against the dark arts

  • Ravenclaw
  • The Cloak of Invisibility
  • Cat
  • Expecto Patronum
  • Ancient Runes
  • Ravenclaw
  • Cloak of Invisibility
  • Owl
  • Lumos (also Erecto… hehehe)
  • Charms

Caffeine-free faux punk fatigue: okay, so I’m going to talk a little bit about anxiety

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Caffeine-free faux punk fatigue: okay, so I’m going to talk a little bit about anxiety

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no one cares, dipshit

Thank you for this video!

I. Love. This. It is so true. Which body type you have, or how fast you metabolise food; those things have NOTHING TO DO WITH WHO YOU ARE AS A PERSON. 

I consider myself lucky, because my younger sister and I have opposing body types: she is an exctomorph (naturally skinny, very little fat, but even less muscle, finds it very easy to lose weight) and I am an excomorph (naturally rounder, more body fat, a LOT more muscle – at 15 stone I have only 25% body fat, the rest of that is muscle – but it’s almost impossible to lose weight. I get smaller, go down clothing sizes, but I always weigh a lot).

She and I have grown up with these differences, and it has been difficult for both of us. I was jealous because my sister was skinny, she was jealous because I have the traditional “hourglass” figure. But because we grew up with these issues it has allowed us to learn that how much body fat you have says nothing about you as a person, which is something that so many people in our society do not seem to understand. 

However, that is not to say that we should be so worried about not hurting people’s feelings over their size that we fail to intervene when someone’s size becomes a life-threatening issue. If someone is just too skinny, or just too fat, then it is worth talking to them about it, because often there is more going on than just different body types (I say this coming from a family of people with over-eating disorders, which are eating disorders that really get ignored because y’know, people who eat compulsively are just greedy, right?)

Here’s one last thought:

I have been skinny. When I can fit into a size 10-12 dress I look ridiculous because I have very wide hips and very wide shoulders and a whole lot of muscle. I look like a female body builder, and that is not, personally, a look that I like. 

I look better when I cater to my own body type. I am happy and confident in how I look. I might not look like the girls in magazines, but I love myself.

I wish more people could say the same.

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this doesn’t need anything else.

Agreed 😀


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hokay, so I have a meeting in a couple of weeks with the HBIC of some stuff in the libraries. She wants me to possibly be involved with stuff to do with YA fiction. What kind of things do I say to her? What kind of schemes could be run? What kind of events? ETC ETC ETC. I’m doing some thinking but input is necessary. Pls?

Okay, okay, tumblr’s “reply” thing sucks for space, so here are the ideas that I came up with for the “LexiCON @ Bookstock” thing I’m running next year.

1. I wanted to TALK to people about my insane book obsessions. I mean, the internet was great (I practically lived on Fiction Alley), but it’s not the same as in real life. Hence, I am running a discussion group.

2. I wanted to know what other people loved and why they loved it so that I could find NEW obsessions. So you could do something like my friend Elle’s idea (I know too many people called Eleanor, seriously :p) for Bookstock which is “Speed books: It’s speed dating, but with books.” you could do that exclusivly with YA?

3. WRITING. I wanted to write, without my schools insane rules that meant that anything that would not get you an A* at GSCE was BAD VERY BAD NO GOOD BAD. So, YA writing group? A mini version of NaNoWriMo? Actual NaNoWriMo?

4. Get authors to come talk to kids. Pretty much all you have to do is find their publisher’s phone number and bug them until they agree to add your library to the author’s next tour. It works 😉

5. You know what would be awesome? (And I say this not just as 15-year-old Cerys, but, uh, also as 22-year-old Cerys. just a bit) Book-acting club. Like, get to dress up and act out scenes you love with other people. Maybe not the best idea for a library event, but still. 

Okay, I am out of fully-formed ideas. My whole thing with the events I’m doing for Bookstock is to just get young people to engage with books in a way that schools often fail to do. If you and someone else want to have a discussion about the symbolism of the moving staircases at Hogwarts, then do it. But the thing that I always felt that schools failed at is that an entire conversation conducted in a pitch so high that only dogs can hear it over the merits of Harry/Ron should be equally valid if it’s getting people excited about something that’s not the X Factor.

So, there you go. Feel free to steal any/all/none of these ideas, just tell everyone to come to Bookstock 😉 xxx

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For Elly 🙂

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Man I am SO angry tonight. I love angry nights.

ME TOO. ON ALL COUNTS. (Mum and I have been having feminist girl-power rants in the kitchen over cups of tea. Glorious!)

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Damn, I wish I had thought of doing that when I lived with my old roommates.

(via juliasegal)

If anyone shows this to my mother I am screwed 😉

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illness update: still sick. But NO MORE FEVER YAY. Srsly I have had a (doctor verified) fever for THREE AND A HALF WEEKS. I am finally cold again! Huzzah!

It is in honour of this momentous occasion that happy!seal is coming out to play 🙂

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source needed

I like pretties.

My Top 5 Artists (Week Ending 2010-11-7)

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My Top 5 Artists (Week Ending 2010-11-7)