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Weave (via cerys jones)

Just have to get Kev and his crazy eyes off the top of my tumblr 😉

Pearls + IKEA lamp + f1.8 = <3

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kevin (via the brownhorse)

This is Kevin Mason (formerly he of DD fame), part of the fuck-off massive load of photographic tallent that Garage Studios somehow manages to contain, being shot by Adam Bronkhorst, also part of GS.

Obviously, photography is kind of my thing, so I pretty much love these guys even though I’m like totally intimidated by them (well, by Kev and Matt anyway).

The other “thing” that I do – and the thing that I prefer to do for money, is web programming and design. So when the GS guys advertised for a work experience person to be just that, I was so there.

Out of over thirty applicants, they interviewed seven people, and out of those seven people they appointed one person to do marketing and admin, and one person to the web & design.

I am totally that second person.

Fuck yeah.

Eno and Harrison & Co unveil fruits of collaboration for Brighton Festival

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Eno and Harrison & Co unveil fruits of collaboration for Brighton Festival

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Ellie Goulding… Fab girlie, hella tallent. Found her stuff a while back cause local Brighton legend Louie Banks shot her, as well as the likes of Frankmusic, La Roux and the Maccabees. I think it a sign… Get shot by The Banks and you’re gonna go places…

Singer Ellie Goulding shot by Louie Banks


“And it’s not what you’ve lost, but it’s what you’ll find.”

My Top 5 Artists (Week Ending 2010-2-21)

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My Top 5 Artists (Week Ending 2010-2-21)

My Top 5 Artists (Week Ending 2010-2-7)

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My Top 5 Artists (Week Ending 2010-2-7)

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Cut or Keep for Autism UK (via cerys jones)

So. My friend Baz has had long hair for a good, oh, fourteen years. And when I say “long” I mean it hasn’t been cut in those fourteen years.
He’s running a campaign: Does he cut it off, or keep it long?

Check out the website:
and if you’ve got a spare £5, go cast your vote.

The charity it’s going to is Autism UK, which, obviously, I support already because my support tutor at college was trained to help kids with autistic spectrum disorders through them, and without her there’s no way I would have managed to stick those two years.

So give Baz some money, for me 🙂

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What can I say, I like Taylor Swift, but Lady Gaga is some kind of musical Goddess. For serious.


stingybaby: wordgraphics: I’m just curious to see how many people agree.

I’m not bitter. Really.

But seriously guys, compare both of their performances tonight. Who sang better live? Who put on a better show? Who’s performance did you sleep through because it was incredibly boring? I rest my case.

Taylor’s a great song writer, but as far as singing…not so much.