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@Catulator @MatthewACherry @LenaWaithe OH MY GOD AAAAAAAHH


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RT Annabelle Gyngard @aaabelle: Running is great, cause you forget all your problems because you’re too busy focusing on one problem, and that’s that your whole body hurts.


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@charlie_en keiron gillen hath spoken, the Rules have been laid down, time to go forth and be hella punny =D


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Note to self: “but i really like how my hair looks in this ponytail” is not a valid reason for not washing your hair. Please do the thing.


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Me: wow I am suddenly hungry again!
Also me: yes bc u took ur meds at 8.30am & they last 16 hrs so they wore off 22 minutes ago.
Me: smoirt.


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Day 1 of ADHD meds. I am DEFINITELY more focused. Yay!
However, I am more focused on playing with snapchat filters than on my to-do list…


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Me: If I was me, where would I have put that thing?
Also Me: … Kezza, hate 2 brake ths 2 u bt… u R u…
Me: Shit.


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@branquignole oh that REALLY sucks, I’m sorry πŸ™ what good things are going on for you? πŸ™‚


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@branquignole oh noooo that sounds horrible. What are you doing that for?


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@branquignole greetings! How are yooooou? I’ve been having a twitter break post-trump bc my twitter is just kinda depressing πŸ™


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I am a goddamn adult who is spending tonight listening to @eos_10 in her goddamm blanket tent #winningatlife


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Me: huh I wonder why my eyes are so red & itchy
Brain: u forgot that ur allergic to cats again didn’t u
Me: …yes…
Brain: dumass

An Open Email to my (and my Girlfriend’s) Ex-Boyfriend

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To: Fred
From: Cerys
Subject: Thanks for sucking so hard

Yo, what up? Actually, scratch that, I don’t give a shit. You’re an asshole. But! I guess I wanted to thank you for that, bc without you being an asshole to all three of your writing-group ex’s, I wouldn’t have the best girlfriend in the entire world right now. Can you guess who it is? Can you? Hint: It’s the one that you were a total dickhead to.
Wait, no, that doesn’t narrow it down at all.
But, anyway, if you hadn’t treated her like shit then we wouldn’t have got to know each other so well, and we probably wouldn’t be together right now. I mean, I’d hope that the version of us in the alternate universe where you just broke up with her nicely like a real person we would still have got together eventually, because I am so fucking happy right now and I want all parallel universe version of me to be this happy.
Just to make it clear: You are a total cockwomble, and you have no right to claim any sort of ‘oh but it was ok that i behaved like a fucknugget bc something good came out of it’.
We are just very happy together, and it’s not even been 2 weeks but we are already so much better at this relationship shit than you ever were with either of us.
And so, in conclusion: Fuck you and the horse you rode in on.

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RT Andrew Bloch @AndrewBloch: Some helpful real-time commentary on Nigel Farage’s speech in the European Parliament.

I Have Feelings

Tuesday 17th January 2017 @ 11:17 pm : Rants, thebitchwascrazy : 0 Comments :

Surprise! After nine years of being a depressed robot, I finally am having something close to normal human feelings again!

I do not like it. Make them go away.

Because I have a crush on someone! One of the really, really bad ones where it hurts in my chest all the time. And we’re both autistic! If she was alistic I would be pretty sure that she likes me, too, but IΒ can’t be sure, because we don’t follow alistic patterns of behaviour!

Plus, y’know, I reallyΒ really like her, and I’m so afraid that if I ask her out and she says no that it will screw that up, even though a great deal of my angst is over the actual NOT KNOWING, and if I got turned down and we could both continue as if nothing happened then I would be FINE. VERY QUICKLY. But people get weird about you having unreciprocated feelings for them, so ARGH. If I could NOT HAVE FEELINGS ANY MORE THAT WOULD BE GREAT. (Except there’s that part of my brain pointing out that I’m focusing on all the bad things and if everything went right just this once we could both be really happy! I DON’T THINK I WANT TO BE HAPPY IF BEING HAPPY HURTS THIS MUCH!!)

It’s cool. It’s cool. I’m just gonna go have a panic attack. Everything’s fine. I’m fine. Gah.


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Hello New Year, My Old Friend –


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INSOMNIA! So far tonight I have written 2k+ words of EOS 10 fanfic, drawn a picture for @icestar663, and watched a billion videos of puppies


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It is now five minutes past midnight on January 1st. Could you please take your fireworks and your drunk people and put them on silent.


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@branquignole I don’t know how but she totally is


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What sort of lunatic makes 24 mini cakes and covers them ALL in fondant icing?? This sort of lunatic. Me. I am doing that. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚